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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  The Tempest
Song:   The Party
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I walked into the party with no invite
which one of these hoes am I fuckin tonight?

this ain't my block and ain't my click
but I'm up in here and ain't scare of shit

then I heard a cut.. (who the new dude?)
the dj tryna play me rude

I say "what they call you?"
(I'm dj clay the baddeset dj alive today peep...)

I had to back up and scoop my wig off the floor
it practically blew out the door

I brushed myself off and walked back up to 'em
that's pretty good shit ya doing but (what?)

I'm thinkin I'm a little bit better (oh yeah?)
some folks call me the neck shredder

cuz I cuts a lot too, so why don't you scoot down
(what's your name?) shaggy the clown

dj clay woke up and asked what happened
"you just witnessed this here scratchin"

everybody gathered around the turntables
hatchetman hangin off our cables, he said

(you and me one more time, right now)
I said, "sure thing but I'll tell you how

you drop the rhythm and I'll drop the beat
we'll let them feel the underground moving under the street come on!"