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Artist: Insane Clown Posse f/ Esham
Album:  The Wraith: Shangri-La
Song:   Ain't Yo Bidness/ Soopa Villains
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Rude Boy sittin pancaked on 23s
Clown love to Chicage Juggalos
We underground like Blaze (My Dead Homie)
And yours
We dead, we dead, no wait a minute......we don't die
We don't die. We Dead

(Violent J)
Maybe I like bloody, murder music
You know shit like "Stab Your Fuckin Eye"
Maybe I like eatin shit like Tylenol P.M.s
Cuz 5 or 6'll get you high
Maybe I like punchin people I don't even know
I knock 'em flat up fuckin out (PAHH!)
Tuck some money in they jacked with a note that simply reads
"I had to let some anger out" (Sorry)
Maybe I only hang with weirdos, and hoodlums, and junkies
I keep 'em by my side
Maybe mama doesn't understand a friend is hard to comeby
SO I keep what I find
Maybe I got 2 felonies, tattoos on my neck
And I always pain't my face
Can I still date your daughter I mean I think I outta
I like the way she taste

(Chorus) 2x
Ain't YO Bidness, how I act
Ain't yo bidness, don't get slapped
Ain't yo concern, what we do
Less you want yo, face slapped too

(Violent J)
Maybe I don't' even like you but I gotta front
Cuz your a record label guy (Mother fucker)
What if I dragged you by the hair into the street
And beat your ass, put a boot up in your eye (PUH! BItch)
Maybe I would rather fuck a Missy Elliot
Before a Toni... "Braxton"
Maybe I would rather fuck a Macy Grey
Before a Janet... "Jackson"
Maybe I don't' have no self esteem
SO I like to pick on everybody else
Maybe when I was a boy, underneath my shirt
I had bruises and welts "Oh" (It's OK)
Maybe I was hungry, bottom barrel poor
And my mom was always sick
Maybe I'm lyin, I'm just tryna find and excuse to be a dick
I'm a dick-dick
Maybe i'm upset that you left me
I'll hang myself right above your bed (YOu Should Try Suicide)
From the ceiling fan, so i'll be swingin when you walk
I, I might kick you in the head
Maybe I got 7 therapists, I been committed
But my manager got me free (Double A Y'all)
18 Pills a day, I get so dizzy and high
Sometimes I can't even see (I gotta sit down)


Soopa Villains

Esham the Boogie Man, running with a fuckin hatchet
Violent J the Juggalo, and Shaggy 2 Dope the Southwest Strangler
COllectively known as

The Soopa Villains!!!!!

Super flex, jet super sex
The boogie man bustin the bazooka necks, get wet
The soopa villains clock super checks
The juggalo in me will break the bank and you super necks

(Violent J)
It's the juggla jugglin juggalo thuggalin thuggalo
Scrub ninja mutha facko!
My axe I keep with me, sneak with
I creep with, sever skulls and sleep with

The southwest strangler super plex
Some bitch through the limo window, super stretch
Now I wonder should I shoot ya next
With the super soaker, get ya soakin wet

(Violent J)
Juggaloly, I'm a soopa villain
I'm swingin my swords and i'm all up on the ceiling
I'm a ninja, throw drop kicks, chop necks like Sabu
Stab you, grab have at you

Soopa villains, makin a soopa hero killin
Fuck ya feelins
Ready and willin any day I could blow
Insane monkey like Mojo Jo Jo

(Violent J)
Citizens don't talk to the FBI
Cuz that killa with the shank to ya neck be I
I'm quick to bag the diamonds, snag I
I love Batman but Robin's a faggot (faggot)