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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  The Wraith: Shangri-La
Song:   Blaaam!!!
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[Anybody Killa]
Story time, bitch! All across the East Side!

[Violent J] + {Shaggy 2 Dope}
What? I represent Delray! {DELRAY!}

[Any Killa] So?

[Violent J] + {Shaggy 2 Dope}
This Gypsy aunt of mine {You're the lucky one}
She died and left behind, an ancient piece of time
I didn't know what it was {You're the lucky one}
Knuckle deep in dust, edges played with rust
I started to get pissed {You're the lucky one}
This lamp is all I get, a worthless piece of shit
But once I rubbed it clean {You're the lucky one}
A genie popped on the scene, brought true my every dream

[Chorus 1]
I was like BLAAAM! Free Hoes!, BLAAAM! Nyquil!
BLAAAM! Faygo!, Anything I want
I was like BLAAAM! Sharp Axe!, BLAAAM! Good Weed!
BLAAAM! Hot Tracks!, Everything I Need

[Violent J] + {Shaggy 2 Dope}
Now I'm in a fizzle {You're the lucky wizzle}
Hotties on thy nizzle, still a jugglizzle
I drive a platinum car {You're the lucky one}
It has a tennis court and a bar, you know who I are
Money out the ass {You're the lucky one}
I'm wishin while it last, Genie's moving fast

[Chorus 2]
I want my BLAAAM! Free Bank!, BLAAAM! Necks Cut!
BLAAAM! My Shank!, Anything I want
I want my BLAAAM! Hot Wings!, BLAAAM! Good Weed!
BLAAAM Big Thangs!, Everything I need

[Violent J] + {Shaggy 2 Dope}
Now I am a king {You're the lucky one}
I have everything, nothing's challenging
Nothing makes me proud {You're the lucky one}
I stand out in the crowd, while others beg out loud
I remember when {You're the lucky one}
Money was so thin, but dreams were all up in
Looking at the lamp {You're the lucky one}
Would I give it all back? Sheeit, fool, gimme that

[Chorus 3]
I'll be like BLAAAM! Bitch Slaps!, BLAAAM! Cheap Wine!
BLAAAM! Dub H!, (Waffle House) Anything I want
I'll be like BLAAAM! Half Pipe!, BLAAAM! Good Weed!
BLAAAM! Moonlight!, Everything I need

(Repeat chorus 1)

[ABK] + {Shaggy 2 Dope}
{BLAAAM!} The moral of the story is {BLAAAM!} Those who never had shit
{BLAAAM!} And then get shit {WHAT?} Need to get shit {BLAAAM!}
So if you got shit {BLAAAM!} Or you need shit {BLAAAM!} Get some shit
{GO GET YOUR SHIT!} Fuck this shit, where JD at?