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Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Album:  The Wraith: Shangri-La
Song:   The Wraith
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(Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope)
Always Uninvited, (fuck off) unrespected
Sometimes he creeps, other times he expected
He hangs out in bad neighborhoods up at the park
He will strike in broad daylight but prefers the dark
3 little kids caught inside a broken home
He'll just sit there and wait for 'em (Leave 'Em Alone!)
As sure as we're today and death is inevitable
He's waitin there watchin through the eyes of a crow

(Chorus) 2x
Death is always at a shitty time
Don't bother trying to run and hide
Take his hand cross to the other side (Step to the other side)

(J & Shaggy)
Freeway intersections when the bars close, he loves 'em
Blew out traffic lights, he hovers above 'em
And he loves the motherfuck outta crackheads and heroin
Rehab centers and caring mothers always scaring him
Sharing them needles? He encourages and raw sex?
They got him workin and steady collectin soul checks
Then again, 9 times outta 10
I wish he take me instead of some of these poor children we see

(Chorus) 2x

(J & Shaggy)
He remains nameless but we call him the Wraith
He is the 6th Jokers Card of the Dark Carnival faith
That's it, now your clock is tickin, every second counts
And everything you do that righteous or wrong, it all amounts
And whether you going to heaven or hell, he doesn't care
He's only here to give you the death touch, and send you there
Most people fear him because they don't understand
That once he finally touches you with death eternity can begin