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Artist: I:Cube f/ RZA
Album:  Can You Deal With That? (S)
Song:   Can You Deal With That?
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Chorus: RZA]
I'ma deal with that, yo, you gon' deal with that
Hey shorty, I'ma deal with that
Hey ma, I'mma deal with that
Bartender, we gon' deal with that
Yo, homey, I'mma deal with that
Fuck that, yo, I be right back
Huh, yeah, I'll be right back

Up in the spot, Bob Digi the fox
Bout to strip Red Riding Hood down to her socks
At the bar, yo, leave the ice on the rocks
Salt and lemon and Tequila shots
Eye to eye, I can see you're hot
From glindin' on the car, that the Visa got
The Benz logo and the keys I got
A hundred long stroke, for the police I squad
To leave my tongue at the G.S. spot
I may drop you off at the parking lot
When I die, I'mma free her knot
You may sniff by the hot pizza spot
Shorty, I'mma deal with the that
I got the Euro's and the green back
Plus the Yen, give me the skin
I got enough for you and your friends

[Chorus: RZA]
Check it, I'mma deal with that
Bartender, I'mma deal with that
You wanna front, then I be right that
I might get my jack, rat-a-tat-tat-tat
And I'mma deal with that...

[Hook 4X: RZA]
Turn me up, louder, inside my ear, turn

Yo, I told ya'll, I'ma be right back
You trying to front, why you be like that?
Now you run, when you see my gat
You get snuffed from Killa Beez in tact
Tall like the Eifel, I blast like a rifle
If you pretty princess, I might wife you
For one night, one flight
The paradise in the room, one light
Red rum, show me head love
And we can sleep, snug like bed bugs
And wake up, and break up
Hit the club next weekend and make up
And do it all over again
But this time, bring over a friend
Until we get sober again
Woof, there goes Rover again

[Chorus: RZA]
Can you deal with that?
I know, pretty mama, you can deal with that
Hope you can deal with that
Tell the bartender, I'mma deal with that
Tell, you can deal with that
Tell shorty wop, I'mma deal with that
You might have to feel my black
All in between your hot ass twat
And I'mma deal with that