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Artist: Infinite Density Beings
Album:  Crossfade to the Beat
Song:   Aboriginals Know
Typed by: Nick Born

dirty deeds
flirt with the greed
seeds of sorrow
bleed then borrow
lead then follow the pack get it back
with the whiplash
when the ships crash
and the flashing patterns emerge
from the renditions observed
absurdities anomalies that contradict the enigmatic ensembles
resolving conundrums with some love
we came from above
and delve down below
bestowing the glowing essence of a spark sometimes diminished
but never finished
from it's development
there is sediment and sentiment
be cautious what you invent
content with the the scorn
from elements were born
to ignite the flame and carry our signal back to the origin
were torn indignant conform contingent
ignorant and sold to the highest bidder
still a winner your dinners cold old man
cold in the sand
the heart beat slow with the rhythm of the tide
vision widens enter the portal to the artificial light
contradicting sights off the back of the moon
death too soon go back and resume
the course through the force that dwells
hel home hosts the ifrit get with it
the salamanders bottom right point at the foot of the vessel
put it to tests you'll redeem a bit from the elohim shit
a vacuum where those within sift among the signals
aboriginals know silent in action waiting to outlast
then going covert to invert inertia nerves
can hurt sometimes but not in the backs of those with will intact
a synaptic fiber tires from chemical interaction
but the memory pervades for its all saved
upon the infinite disc drive connected to your mind
and don't ask abraxas for access there is more that is hidden
god is not ridden god is not saved
you will maintain as the 10th process unfolds
traditions hold methods proven moving with adapted adepts
patted on their heads climbing from branch to limb
we crash and sin salvation for the masses
those of all classes of gentiles smile
with the reptile style
the cerebellum is where they tell em
there is something more than to
eat be greedy sleazy and displeased
but fuck it that's what's easy