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Artist: Infinite Density Beings
Album:  Crossfade to the Beat
Song:   Big Butts Bouncing
Typed by: Nick Born

Big butts bouncing
pouncing on the seams
of the clothing that is weaved
tight in the crotch
attracts their sight as they watch
the curves are observed and appreciated
alleviated fat in bottom
it's whack you know you want em
two cheeks squeaky clean you can look but cannot touch
you know you want to clutch
the flesh
maybe take a dump on your chest
and rub that shit in
stinky kinky poo poo
get that brown with the stank
go to town let me spank ya
softly gently
you've got that special scent see
you on the top, and me on the bottom
getting crushed by such a butt
that's immense intense dense with the thickness
 I don't care about the fitness
just give me enough stamina
to be a man in the moment
make your quotient
you're so smoking
you're on fire
you make em weep with desire
inspired us to lust it's a sin
it's human instinct
you went in sync
with the groove
of the mood
and it's smooth
lets resume
your sensual delicacy
you're not fueled by jealousy
not fooled or overzealous b
all the fellas want to be with you
dirty dogs
who flog their logs
like smoked sausage
they're just hogs
and you're a lady you're so sweet
you drive me crazy, hey you're neat
getting weak in the knees
do I gotta ask, or just say please
hey don't tease me
you're not sleazy
make me queasy
can't breathe easy
don't leave me
baby, we could take a syrup bath
make it maple
and you're grateful
never hateful
sticky as you hump me bump me
I gotta take a honey dump
but you don't mind
you're so fine
your butt's a shrine
it's a rump that is divine
if it gets cellulite
I'll still love you you make me sweat at night