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Artist: Ill Bill & DJ Muggs f/ Chace Infinite
Album:  Kill Devil Hills
Song:   Secrets Worth Dying For
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ill Bill]
Live in the shadow of alien tribes with eyes the size of flyin saucers
Funeral assassins sprayin automatics out of coffins
Creeps with llamas, Bogart like 'Feech' La Manna
As a fleet of Japanese piranhas freezin the spinal
Draw, die first, Russian fanatics
If sleep is the cousin of death, then death is the cousin of sadness
Murder's the cousin of madness love is the cousin of that bitch
I smash shit, give me my money, I'm anxious
Crisp hundreds in the envelope, dookie on the 'dro
Spit roughish with the hella flow, +Hootie+ on the +Blow+
Buy up arms, Molotovs, Irish car bombs
Wild out squads, I body those, nine in my palm
Only the dead have seen the end of war; we use the tools of vengeance
Fuck interrogation room conventions
Keep your mouth shut, I'd rather stay true to friendship
And follow that rule 'til everything I knew has ended

I'm like a meteorite, I'm like graffiti you write
If you knew the meaning of life amongst the greedy and trife
240 thousand miles of neural threads in the human brain
Enough to stretch from planet Earth to the moon's terrain
All I need is nine millimeters to think
I put it in perfect perspective so that people can take
Time to digest my thoughts, connect to receiver
Slice heads with swords drench you with ether

[Ill Bill]
Maybe you been handed yourself one of them first class tickets to the resurrection
Religious symbolism, the diamonds witness perfection
Shockin and horrific, monstrosity
Monolithic iconic, I'm scientific
like that runaway satellite that crashed to the Earth
The one they didn't tell us about, our planet is cursed
Ever since the mysteries of the pyramids
My fingerprints, DNA, retinal scans experience
have been most helpful, navigated through the dead pool
But told you about them guys with eyes like head wounds
Bio-kinetic ooze they drool
You read about them in these books you didn't get from school
This is not an exercise, this is full-blown thermonuclear war
Get your radiation suits on, we shooters and more
We the most vocal outer space post global
Fifty years ago I wrote quotables now I accept the Nobel

[Chace Infinite]
While ministers hope to cover the truth from the populace
I resurrect the light down and save Metropolis
Where cops are just looking for opps to rob us and set us up
It's second nature in the streets of America
Where devils have us incarcerated like savage animals
at the hands of a system designed to kill us
They plan to do damage with psychological tools more than banana clips
Somethin simple like making cannibalism glamorous
All cult symbols hidden inside of movies behind the crucifix
Lucifer's influence is evident in numerous
everyday objects, the dollar bill, CBS
The gleamin eye of Horus, big brother watching your every step
Moving up the ladder with Jacob until you break your neck
We ain't concerned with who's a Mason, we facin death
Nigga we all Masons, bricks workin to cheques
Paranoid leaders singin orders through a text
Skull & Bones terror bomb symbolize death
Fists symbolize powers, hands symbolize sex