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Artist: Ill Bill & DJ Muggs f/ Everlast, Slaine
Album:  Kill Devil Hills
Song:   Skull & Gunz
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Ill Bill]
Every Kennedy was assassinated by the Illuminati
They should've went to Yankee Stadium for Giuliani
Said Halliburton impersonated Sunni jihadis
Or at the Black Sabbath show pulling Uzis on Ozzy
Experts in judo and karate; shooters with shotties
Use computers to rob commodities, abuse technology
Produce monopolies, Google and YouTube robbery
Automatic, in other words these goons shoot constantly
Start innocent enough until the militants come
Bring in bow and arrow nukes and guerrillas with guns
But sometimes it's like killin a cockroach with a sledgehammer
Buying black market hummingbird stealth cameras
Beyond the gates through the eyes of horror
Walk the seven churches channel and the fiery aura
Cautionary tale, extraordinary rendition
Torture me in jail, and then the warden went missin

[Chorus 2X: Ill Bill]
Yo we just talkin, conversations with God
Shout at the devil, hundreds of rebel martyrs assemble
under a black flag with the white skull and guns on it
Drink vodka straight out of the bottle and puff chronic

I can feel the fire again, the clench in my jaw
The rage in my chest, the stress in my palm, the pressure is on
The message is still reckless, my death wish is gone
My focus is back, no stoppin my obsession is strong
Critics told me that my message is wrong, they wasn't listenin right
Poetic prophet with the petulant storm
with the testament torn, smoking angel dust inside of Bible pages
My records was born from passion and survival rages
From people seen passing locked away inside of cages
Running streets and hidin gauges, I'm performin live on stages
As positive as it can be for me
It's my prerogative, are you sure you want to beef with me?
Nah you chickens are too fishy
Smellin and faggoty and trashy and maggoty
Holding the liquor bottle nothin can stagger me
People love to hear stories of riches to raggedy
But what about the snitches and the bitches always naggin me?


I don't sleep, I don't rust, in God I trust
Got a blunt, got a cash, got a power lust
Got a bag of trick knowledge and an eye that's all-seein
While you're waitin on the comeback of your supreme bein
Master technician of the superstition
Doctor and a scholar, Apocalyptic horror
Since Genesis, I spit Revelations
With infinite patience I united nations
I'm the risin sun, I'm the new tomorrow
I'm the skull on the gun, I'm the song of sorrow
I'm the 13th arrow, I'm the wisest owl
I'm a soul-eatin predator, I'm on the prowl
I'm the stolen land, the wisest man
I'm the hidden hand, I'm the oldest plan
I'm the shiftin shape, I'm the changin form
I'm the novus seclorum, I'm the comin storm