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Artist: Ill Knob f/ Bad Azz, Daz Dillinger
Album:  For the Streets, Vol. 1
Song:   Don't Want None
Typed by Davida.b.

[Intro: Bad Azz]
Uh yeah, uh, Bad Azz, come on, uh Rock The World, come on
Thug with me, thug with me, come on
What, yeah, we up in it, come on, what, uh, ya'll know, ya'll know, come on
It's automatic, come on, I cock back, come on

[Bad Azz]
I rock, cock back, heavy calibur, with the hollow tips
All out, fully automatic, hard to swallow shit
Lock down spots like the cops when it's hot
Cops got my spot locked down, somebody shot
Hot blocks to sell rocks like how could somebody not
Niggas is getting shot and knocked, this shit don't stop
It's on around the clock, power, pills and pot
Pimping and prostitution, there's proper paper alot
Popping pussy is politics, pussy is plenty paper
The permanent profession of prostitutes and players
Powerful propositions from powerful positions
Pop your collar and proceed with this motherfucking pimping nigga

[Chorus 4X: Daz Dillinger]
Here we come, best run, spitting dumb dumbs
Slugs at you thugs, ya'll really don't want none (Here we are)

[Daz Dillinger]
It's a smooth thang, that's how we move thangs
Automatic weapons and niggas how we move thangs
With a gage that'll connect and blow your back out
That's when you drop dead, that's when you black out
Scidaddle, tat, niggas prepare for the battle
Blast at him a couple of times Niggas run scattered
Into the battlefield, that's how we battle here
Gages and blue rags, pistols, that's how we battle fear
Come along drastically, had to be forcing you ??? not to gag
Pulling pistols to your motherfucking brain
Niggas say that you be whoopin niggas with a striz-ap
Tell me who could it be, that retaliation and get back
Shit, having some problems? Have a problem nowadays
Gotta get riches with it in order to get paid
See I'm the freshest of the freshest, manifest it, manifest it
But nevertheless, I manifested
The scrilla man, make a nigga do thangs
Ch-bloa, simple as that, turn the powder to crack
Got my fortune stacked into the cul de sac
And you know that's exactly where the gangstas at motherfucker

[Chorus 4X]

[Ill Knob]
Ayo, it's too hot, my bullet oohwop, take a two drop
We bounce on your whole squad homie like my nigga Doo Wop
They bitches, fill them with holes, put them in ditches
And snitches getting stitches, stop taking pictures
We thug it out, bug them out, beat the case, drug it out
And getting beef, slug it out, your powers off, the plug is out
Ya'll niggas running, homie, you don't really want it
Nigga we make the first page, don't put your picture on it
Nigga, we do em dirty like Ike, Tina Turner
Like situation risky, show em what the burner like
And back em off dun, smack em off dun
Nigga this Klick Ga Blow, Knob is not a soft one
Up in the north, give the interview to Source
Tell them about the boss, and all the niggas that he lost
Shit is hectic, thug life, please don't disrespect it
Expect the unexpected and be protected, nigga

[Chorus 4X]