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Artist: Ill Knob f/ 40 Glocc, Blaqtoven, Jayo Felony, K9
Album:  For the Streets, Vol .1
Song:   Killa Kalifornia
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Blaqtoven singing]

[40 Glocc]
I done been through hell and back, been around with a mini mac
Better watch your back, exactly ??? set off lil traps
What about the snaps? We gotta get em and get em fast
Don't forget to stack your cash, put a mask on and mash
Where the guns at, nigga? Stay held and cock and blast
Better get up off your ass and put a g up in that stash
At last we on top, leavin em in a state of shock
Better kick rocks and get got, fuck around and get shot
Always plottin uo the schemes, weigh weight on triple beams
Gotta get the cream, take the cheese with ryders on my team
I'm like a fiend, but I'm way too sick
I'm makin a living off the dream, nigga get off my dick
I'm so sick, and I'm fuckin with nuthin but killas
Gotta get the skrilla, yo I'm livin the life of a ???
I'm a hustler, throw the ball, and if the game ain't tall
I keep my back against the wall cuz I know I could fall

[Chorus X: Blaqtoven]
I said you better be careful what you do in life
Cuz niggas out there, they'll take your life
Makin money, don't stop, it's do or die
In Killa California

[Jayo Felony]
Ya'll niggas is half ass c's, tossin my shit
And hit a nigga up sick, like nigga, this crip
I pop slugs like collars and always make hos holla
Kill a nigga in his church clothes for this almighty dolla
Nigga I'm Big Bullet Loco, we givin out orders now
Neighborhood crippin, we ain't fuckin with niggas thats watered down
Cuz he ass deep, thats mean, lets see if he can compeat with the spit
Nigga it's hoodlum for life, and I'm livin this shit
I got a fo five that I shot five times with the four lives
Disrespect the set cuz, and you payin with yo life
Think we put niggas to sleep, cuz, I sleep with my heat
I never had an enemy livin across the street
Give the last nigga a cocktail that his ass can't drink
And leave him full of joles in a hole till his body starts to sink
I'ma stomp muthafuckas with one strap and a stocking cap
Crippin all across the water, put my city on the map
Niggas is phonies

[Chorus X2]

[Ill Knob]
I'm telling you right now I'm only fuckin with my niggas from the hood
We up to no good, have you bustin shots and rockin blocks from out the
cockpit of the Audi
Arabian like Saudi, scud missle shower, and I will never cower
Have you crying on your knees, beggin for Christ to save you
Cuz your inside leakin out from all the holes that niggas gave you
It's the K to the G, Klick Ga Blow, Coney Isle nigga
Style, yeah, it's funny how my niggas get money now

Life's frustration, my mind view point elimination
Representation, the seeds of violence when it comes to the situation
Irradication on individuals, sent you to violent rituals
We could physical on the mic, close, watch ???
It gets critical when I gets lyrical
Five storms underground, arm you ???, should be taking pounds
We don't allow ??? to sleep, no ???
Those who play hardcore get slain, put in the grave while the burner rage

[Chorus X4]