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Artist: Illa J
Album:  Yancey Boys
Song:   Air Signs
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Illa J]
Yeah, it's Illa J!
Umm, but y'all already know about me
I'm 'bout to tell y'all a little bit about my
my fam and my siblings and stuff
Who I grew up around and, who inspired me
to... get where I am right now, check it, yo

These are my, amazing, family ties
Made of Aquarius, Libras, and Geminis
And we call, ourselves, the Air Signs
Just breathe in the music, music

[Illa J]
Martha, thank you for your wisdom
Uhh, you know you taught me game
Now the ladies on me now just like James
I've yet to meet someone more intelligent
than my big sister, got all my friends intimidated
Try to talk back, my sister get evacuated
Educated is an understatement
She taught me to be myself and, fuck the nation
Put the middle finger up, cause I'm about to go nuts
Heh, Vonda, you so silly
Wise girl nicknamed Pink Lily
Hehehe, we so silly


[Illa J]
Whattup Earl the Pearl~!
Crazy with the pencil and eraser on the paper
Sketch your life after he met ya twice
My brother overdo it sometimes
Extra thrice, you know you showed it
But it don't matter, cause you my bro
White or black...
Yo' ass need to get back in contact
Close enough to feel the impact of my flow
It's funny as hell, your little brother John grown
Like MJ with the pen I'm in the zone!


[Illa J]
Now to my brother James, how many nicknames
James up there makin beats with Rick James
And James Brown and Bob is makin another move
On the same vibe because of you
I can sleep with the bass loud
Got me lookin like a superstar
Yo, I'm 'bout to take this shit super far
I appreciate it, the kicks in school
Stayed a year ahead, and speakin of the year ahead
Yeah this Yancey Boys bitch, make noise!
No uhh, louder, make noise!
James I know you right here with me
James yo, I know you right here with me