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Artist: Illa J f/ Affion Crockett
Album:  Yancey Boys
Song:   Diff
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*0:29 scratched: "Let me tell you 'bout the feelings" - Pharcyde*}

[Illa J]
Late year, midnight mating
On the dancefloor usin our imagination
Picture me with pants off, I'm confidant cause you can't keep your hands off
Now you're sweatin, I think I see some lip
Gotta check for that leg, make sure you ain't got a duck tucked
with a fist plus knuckles
Don't take me so serious, I'm just tryin to bust chuckles
You so fine, I just wanna be all over yo' body like that love spell
While you playin untouchable, I'm incredible
Gotta be more flexible in the game
Let me buy that Boardwalk, no more small talk
I just wanna do business wit'chu
Fill each other's glass up, let's sip to you
in the passenger seat of my Bentley Coupe
Only if you my future, uhh

[Chorus: Affion Crockett - repeat 2X]
Baby why you fightin the feelin
Your body all nice and appealin
Baby take my hand, I'ma give you a night to believe in
And by the end we'll be bitin and screamin, a nice evening

[Affion Crockett]
Baby your first mistake was lookin and battin your eyelashes
You was in a dance with a dude and I crashed it rude
From the door you were floored by my swagger
Had your ass moist and flowin with Niagra
My eyes are Pierce Brosnan, starin deep in your soul
My James Bond pimp demeanor is cold, whoa~!
You can walk and turn your back frontin
But you'll be home eatin comfort food like fat woman (yummy)
I'm international don, the ace thriller
I'll be bangin hard in broads smooth as J Dilla (Yancey)
You a lady singin the blues
I'm Billy Dee with the ring and the shoes, I ain't got a damn thing to lose
Take my hand 'fore it falls off, you got a choice
Say yes makes me hard, sayin no makes my balls soft
You remind me of my ex-girl, hardheaded
So I'ma run up in your sex girl, hard hit it


[Illa J]
I hit the jumper, splash, on that ass back in and out
She lets me slide back into it
Don't be abashed when I smash, wake up get my mash
and crash in my bed butt-naked
Get you a drink and bone, just leave your phone
number I will call you if you got the job
And don't be spyin on my pager
Don't be lyin 'bout your age I, know you probably lie about your name
A lot more, sharp than you think
Do you think? How about gettin, another, drink?
Gotta make a move you givin me the wink
Gotta say my package weigh a lot more than you think
I see you outside gettin in the club free
Lookin lovely
As soon as I seen you had wanted to bug me
I see me and you ba-bump ba-bumping
Ba-bump ba-bump


{*scratched to end: "Let me tell you 'bout the feelings"*}