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Artist: InI f/ Pete Rock
Album:  Center of Attention
Song:   Think Twice
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[Intro: Pete Rock](5x)
"Sucka MC's please think twice" -> Special Ed - Think About It

[Verse 1: Grap Luva]
Who'll be the sucka MC to get dismantled
I hope that you can handle your whipness or sees ya flippin gettin
Down with my lazy boy laidback style of speak
The funk makes you dance cheek to cheek
I be the black civilian who is bound to make a million
Or make enough loot so I can buy my own provillian
Throw a fat party and invite everybody
And play all the old school hits like Lodi Dodi
Connections like OPEC while ya hung up like a Kojak
I'm real like a ruby while ya fake like a pinchback
That's imitation gold if you didn't know
My rhymes flow as my vocab' grows and grows
I freak it for the basslines always walkin on ya frontline
Catch me while I'm boomin' in ya alkine
Yo I'm out like a shot from a tec
You need to think twice just to earn respect, so

[Chorus: Pete Rock](5X)
"Sucka MC's please think twice
You don't know what you doin'
Think about that" 	-> Special Ed - Think About It

[Verse 2: Pete Rock]
Aiiyo, as I come through for '95 with the flav'
So amazin' the Boy Wonder's blazin'
Respect the mic check, one, two
Cause I display the funk material as I stand imperial
To others, gotta lay low, undercover
Cats flow to the hands for the crowd in the stands
So here I am, plus I rock to please the public
They want it, word son, they want it
To hear the Soul Brother disperse words of wisdom
When InI comin' direct on the set
So represent, a lot of rap niggaz came to win
But the style played out when they chose a different route
Whatever as I stay true to the game
Word to the troubled T-Roy you know my name
Keep an eye on the stakes as I watch my back
Think Twice before you try to grab the mic and react


[Verse 3: Rob-O]
Yo beg your pardon...
Whn I put one to the head now the funk shit startin'
Fine soul I headline for my public get mine
Yeah my rap subjects packed with potential
Plus the versatile elements to crush ya scent
I get down so cheer the mental
Rhyme-pro I'm Rob-O the super spectacular brown skin nigga from Africa
Blowin' up so it's impossible to get
With the highlight and fly right and the niggaz on my dick
Split when it's through, gotta skip with the Guinness Crew
Give a shout out to my Uptown Crew, word up
From New York, New York the Big Apple
To the four square miles Uptown armed for battle
Your niggaz is nice but my advice is you can't suffice
So Think Twice, uhh

[Chorus](repeated till fade)