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Artist: Iron Solomon f/ Isaiah
Album:  Killer
Song:   Above It All
Typed by: Ian

[Chorus x2: Isaiah]
I'm high above it all 
What's a big deal, looks so small
Feel I could never fall
Cause I'm high above it all

[Verse 1: Iron Solomon]
Mama set the bar high, I aint never let her down
She knew id be something from before she wore a wedding gown
So I'm tourin, soarin high over cities now
Everyday different crowd, ollie hoppin, skippin town
Feet never hit the ground, head high in the clouds
I don't stick around long enough for you to bring me down
Shoot for the stars, aim for the big dipper
Never see the negative, I focus on the big picture

[Chorus x2]

[Hook: Isaiah]
I could see that your talkin trash, I don't care
You could say what you want, I don't hear down there
Don't give a damn, I said I don't care
You'll never tear me down, I'm high above it all

[Verse 2: Iron Solomon]
I used to always criticize without tryin to visualize
What it's like lookin through a different individuals eyes
Who am I to second guess how other people live they lives
I know half the hatred is just admiration in disguise
People tellin viscous lies, old friends jump ship
Gossipin about somebody's private life in public
All of that dumb shit doesn't matter one bit
I aint passin judgment, just sayin I'm above it
I learned to never put the blame on anything I couldn't change
Wasn't scared to take a loss, I knew what I stood to gain
When you standin at the top the bottom doesn't look the same
If the crabs crawled up out the barrel, what they could attain
It's difficult to lead the blind, gotta give some people time
Let'em read between the lines, eventually they'll see the signs
The high road is the steepest climb but I know ima reach the sky
There's thing I had to leave behind for me to find a piece of mind
But now that I found it I feel more grounded
Lookin back down on the people who doubted
The atmosphere up here's less crowded
My heads in the sky but my thought less clouded
I earned my due, I was blinded as a younger man
A birds eye view has provided me the upper hand
Now that I can oversee finally I understand
Flyin high above it all and I aint never gonna land

[Chorus x2]