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Artist: Isaiah Rashad
Album:  The Sun's Tirade
Song:   A Lot
Typed by: Cedmaster3K
Yeah {"EarDrummers"}
Skrt, yeah I just want your bitch, I don't
Yeah, yeah, yeah
[Isaiah Rashad]
I just want your bitch, I don't want no fuckin' problem (yeah)
Look at what I got, he my motherfuckin' bargain (yeah)
Nigga try finesse me with the hard one
How the hell you rob the fuckin' robber?
Project Pat was always like a father figure
Skinny pimp respect me bitch I'm mobbin' nigga
Only reason anything was tinted when it's rented (why?)
Probably cause my dirty niggas with me (yeah)
Ain't really down with that chainin' a bitch
Hangin' just to smoke, boy you lame as a bitch (why?)
Audi in the back and a Porsche in the front
I got some titties on my face, got 'em crawl in the mud
Since a youngin' I've been addicted to them hoes
But I never been the type to give 'em gold
After fuckin' she be lucky if I'm holdin' a bitch
Or a favor, askin' niggas always owin' a bitch (yeah)
[Chorus 2X: Isaiah Rashad]
I want a Cadillac, I want a Benz too
I want a SS, for my friends too
I want a big ass house, I want a small one
So I can rent that out and I can call ya
[Isaiah Rashad]
Like I'm ballin', for my inside
Freaky bitch wanna fist but my wrist tired
Vendetta, spent the bread on a rice cooker
Roll mine, held his with a vice gripper
I'm at home when I'm gone, make your life different
Do some shit on your own, they don't fuck with your ledge
I'm gon' fuck with my girl, I just laced it with lead
It's my mom on my phone, bitch quit givin' me head
I'm in love, with the feel
Give me head, let me chill
They for, sure, I'm fo'real
They for, sure, I'm fo'real
{*Isaiah Rashad ad-libs for 26 seconds*}
[Chorus] - 1/2X
{*Isaiah Rashad ad-libs to the end*}