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Artist: Joe Scudda f/ Phonte (Little Brother)
Album:  Groupies 12"
Song:   Groupies
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I don't know what the fuck is goin' on with these broads out here man
Hoes need to get it right, ha. On the real dog. Check me

Yo, check how this lame broad
Tossed this brick through my window
Slashed my rims and keyed my pain job
It ain't hard to imaginin' 
Especially when you're dealin' with a chick who's got more problems than calculus
Wanted the dick but couldn't handle it
On some Angelina Jolie shit
Have my blood in an amulet
It fucked me up dog, I took some anger management
How'd I get here? 
Let's examine it
First of all, I ain't the one to call you a hoe
Please pardon this
Y'all thinkin' Phonte is a misogynistic? No
But I'm sick of all these chicken's screamin' "Gimmie mines"
Gettin' the thin line
Between sex and love intertwined
I seen that shit happen too many times
I hit it Monday
By Wednesday she want to pick out mini-blinds
And in my bed she want to lay in
It's time we review the rules and regulations of this game we playin'
My girl is the quarterback, the one who's in charge
Your ass is just a rookie on my practice squad
And you know just what I'm talkin' about
So if I put you in the game, run my play, stop tryin' to audible out
By sendin' 50 page e-mails and calls to the house
Leavin' jewelery in the car, perfume on the couch
Scudda know just what I'm talkin' about

[Joe Scudda]
I know exactly what you talkin' about
Check it out, listen

Ayo, this chick said I don't play right
But am I wrong cause she call me up late night 
And let me lay pipe
Got me feelin' like a plumber
And I have no prob
With lettin' my people run her
Tay, check how I done her
Read her like a book
Could tell she was a groupie
She just wanna be seen by Scuds in the movies
Tell little girls how she do me
And how she been with me
How I take her out at night and spend $50
Do I look like a herb?
That's a picture not seen
How I'ma be with this bird
That I hear trickin' cream?
Switch to Nordstroms please
All Scudda givin' you is sore throats and ashy knees
Bitch freeze
You ain't gettin' no cheese
Oh you wanna go out with your girls?
You ain't gettin' no keys
Yeah yeah, I know the game's pricey
But how I'm gonna look
Givin' you shit that I don't get my wifey?
You better find another lame
Try another game
24-7 Scudda
There's no other name
With my man Phonte
We run through y'all groupies 
From outta town to chicks around the way

[Joe Scudda]
Yeah, these broads kill me man. They see your boy in the club man (Word?)
You know what I'm sayin'? Doin' his little thing and they-they
askin' for shit like "Buy me a drink"
Bitch, buy me a drink! What the fu-

[Big Pooh speaking]
Hey ayo Scudda Scudda, I feel you I feel you dog
Hey check it out dog. Man, check out how the day...groupie ass broads
These groupie ass niggas rolled up on me! Check it out man
Listen to this right here