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Artist: J Wells f/ J-Ro, KB I Mean, Method Man
Album:  The Digital Master
Song:   It Don't Stop
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Dubbed voice]
Digital master

[Method Man]
Uh Oh like Lumidee, if Meth ain't that shit by now, I'm soon to be
When I choke hold mics, I don't give em room to breathe
I'm just doin me, but bitch if you fine, I'll do you free
By now if you don't know who it be, don't make me tell
Just know I Killa Mike like that kid from ATL
If you fail to plan, baby plan to fail
Man my game ugly as that nigga Sam ???
I'm so funky, I can't even stand the smell
Come on, life's a drag, roll it up and inhale
Don't get comfy, I cramo your style like a monkey
Even +Deemi+ needs +Moore+ than Ashton Kutcher to punk me
My four five barks
Just one shot is enough to clear the block like it's time for 106 & Park
Staten Island dropping your ass, we mean business
With guns that put a shot in your ass like free clinics

[Chorus 2X: Method Man & J. Wells]
Everytime we drop the top it don't stop
Everytime we pop the glock it don't stop
Everytime we rock the block it don't stop
As long as the product good, they gon cop

It's the bar barbarian, big butt carrying
Hittin urban areas from ??? to Maryland
My Lincolm Navigate, my name on the plate
My name is J-Ro, biatch, get that shit straight
No time for those who hate, I'm too busy putting dinner on the plate
And rocking old Chevys with the candy paint and gold flake
Hail to the land of earthquakes and real niggas and fakes
The 'Ro rocking with the Method, you might as well accept it
My flow is so killer it'll probably get arrested
I'm bumpin Bob Marley, sippin hobbs and barley
I'm old and dangerous like poisen calamari
Don't fuck with Likwit, but you didn't believe
Now your ass in hot water just like a teaf leaf
Everytime we drop the top, here comes the cops
Everytime we rock your pop, the bottles pop

[Chorus 2X f/ KB I Mean ad-libs]

[KB I Mean]
I run through tracks like Maurice Green
KB I Mean, more to life than the air you breathe
Cheese, get a piece, I been part of the streets
Sweet liquid, my niggas will chip part of your teeth
Big beats like bloa, wow
They call your boy the golden child, I flow for miles
Classic, better check my foul
I'm not the one, been on the run, blow my lungs animal style
I'm a wild son of a gun, sign of the times
I'm the king, so the prince my son
That's one, get punched like clocks and chumps
Pop the trunk, watch me stunt, you flinch, get jumped
I'm sick everyday of the month
No cure for sure, I'm the nigga they want
Spit raw, so everytime you bite my style
Just remember that it was J-Ro, KB & Meth Tical, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: J. Wells]
Shouts out to EP, Big Bonzi J. Wells, Liquid Entertainment, for all you haters
Please turn your radios up as loud as they go