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Artist: Jadakiss f/ DMX, Drag-On, Eve, Sheek Louch, Styles P, Swizz Beatz
Album:  Who's Real 12"
Song:   Who's Real (Ruff Ryders Remix)
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[Swizz] Ruff Ryders, we back
['Kiss] AH-HAH!
[Swizz] You know the streets don't know how to act

[Intro: DMX]
Let's go! (OKAY!)
That's what it is man, ya mean? (yeah!)
It don't change baby, geah!
We got 'Kiss on the joint! (c'mon!)
C'mon, we got Swizz on the joint! (c'mon!)

[Chorus: Swizz Beatz] + (DMX)
He's phony, she's fake (she's fake!)
That's the type of people I hate (I hate!)
If you real and you know it clap your hands (clap your hands) {*clap clap*}
If you real and you know it clap your hands (clap your hands) {*clap clap*}

[Interlude: Swizz Beatz] + (DMX)
Wait a minute - who's real, who's not? (who's not?)
She's real, but he's not (he's not!)
If you real and you know it clap your hands (clap your hands) {*clap clap*}
If you real and you know it clap your hands {*clap clap*}

[Jadakiss] + (Swizz)
Remix, uh-huh, remix
Clap clap, clap, AH-HAH! (Jada Jada!)

Yo, you know what I do to you
Turn your festivities right into a funeral, the body look beautiful
Now you could let 'em know it's real wherever 'Kiss at
Ya face get broke though, I don't know who could fix that
Might have to ask 'Ye that, I don't play that
I was movin that Vana White before Sajack
500 stacks in the condo, pronto
Handshakes, eye contact when I convo
Fake and the phony don't mix
Real homies roll thick, real Roleys don't tick
You're lyin - and your stupid ass chains
How the fuck you expect people to believe them is real diamonds (E-V-E!)

[Eve] + (Swizz)
Now.. who's fake, who's real?
Top chick in the game wear the crown still
Yeah, I vacated for a while
Mocha tan got ya man goin wild
Maserati the body, charmed out the Bugatti
Can't nobody stop me, all they could do is watch me
Now freeze (freeze) chill (chill)
Where my ladies in the place that's real? (oh yeah)

[Chorus] - without DMX ad libs

[Drag-On] + (Swizz)
(Get 'em Drag!) I go to sleep as a gremlin and wake up as a demon
Be a four-headed monster by the afternoon
Now the nigga sold me a scope and the lens don't zoom (so what?)
Now I gotta run up on 'em, BOOM!
My flow sound like the definition of Attica
Extended the A-R to give it more stamina
Knock knock, who's the next challenger?
So I can embarrass 'em on camera (S.P. the Ghost)

[Styles P] + (Swizz)
I'm like Billy the Kid or Bill Gates
Deal with the real and never the real fake
E'rybody hustlin and they all deal weight
When they get around them thugs they don't all feel safe (bounce on 'em)
Every rapper Blood or Crip that gon' bang
You be with the cops who's soft ass gang
Come to D-Block you would've lost that chain
Or an M-16 woulda offed yo' brain (D-Block, Sheek Louch!)

[Sheek Louch] + (Swizz)
If you keep that hammer on your waist, clap your hands
No jewelry, just a couple rubber bands
Yeah, you real and you know it, take the skinny jeans back
Take the Auto-Tune off and stop actin all soft
If you love it in the hood, clap your hands
Late night strip club, mami do the dance
Yeah, Sheek Louch, Donnie the Gorilla got cake yo
Lay low, eyes closed, I see who's fake though (Ruff Ryders!)


Okay okay, let 'em go, Dog keep them fightin
Niggaz don't know then, let's get to fightin
Y'all walk like that, but I walk like this
Y'all look the other way but I'm startin shit
Fuck y'all niggaz who ain't built like Dog
B.F.W. - Built For War!
I LIKE this hook, I LIKE this beat
This the type of shit that let me talk to the street
Been in the game, winnin the game
Still in the game, cause of you it's still a game
Y'all niggaz is still playin, but I don't (NOT)
Y'all niggaz apologize, but I won't (NOT)
Let Dog go last to air shit out
Beast on the track, I'ma bear shit out
Go go gorilla! I'm a hostile nigga
That's what you get for runnin your mouth niggaz

[Outro: Swizz Beatz]
Ruff Ryders, Ryders, Ryders, Ryders...