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Artist: J Dilla f/ Lil' Fame (M.O.P.), Pete Rock
Album:  Jay Stay Paid
Song:   Blood Sport
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Pete Rock]
FM, Jay Stay Paid
The hottest hour in hip-hop, you know who it is baby
The boy Pete Rock
And it's the revenge of Pay Jay Productions muh'fuckers

[Lil' Fame]
{*scratched in background: "Yeah!"*}
And you don't stop
Lil' Fame in the house, you don't stop
J Dilla rock on you don't stop
You don't stop, and you don't stop {*BOMB!*}

[Chorus: Lil' Fame]
Lil' Fame in the house, you don't stop {*BOMB!*}
J Dilla rock on you don't stop {*BOMB!*}
You don't stop {*BOMB!*} you don't stop {*BOMB!*}

[Lil' Fame]
It's like that and uh, it's like that and uh
Uh-huh~! You fuckin with the Marxmen, and uh
You fuck around and get left popped, in your bandana
This is Mo. P's, A-B-G, Any Body Get-It
From the moment I walked in (we go off top)
My presence is felt, I'm light years ahead of myself
See that ground that you stand Duke I'll put you under that
Calm the fuck down homeboy you ain't a Thundercat
Think you the illest nigga, I'ma tell you Fame realer
Fame iller, now "Ante Up" bitch and pay Dilla
Cause if heaven was a mile away (yeahhhhh)
I'd jump in the V to come see ya, me and Termanology
(That's whattup though!) And you don't stop {*BOMB!*}


{"Too damn dough! Yeah"} Dilla
Yeah, J Dilla whattup... WHATTUP~?!

Holla look back at your mans dog, 3-1-3, 4-4-4-4
4-2-8, peace
{"Hands up"} Get up! {*scratched*} C'mon!
C'mon kid, c'mon kid, c'mon yo

[Lil' Fame]
For the year two thousand and nine
It's the same old shit, niggaz out here out on the grind
I run with them big shots, who let off four shots
Let a full clip go as soon as soon as the ball drop
It's a Marxmen Cinema team that's, seen this
Hit a nigga with a package quick fast, sling this
We'll, break yo' ass up, stomp you down
It's Brownsville motherfucker we don't compromise
We handle them bats like A-Rod, go 'head and play hard
and find out what kind of bullshit we on
It's the world's, most, dangerous
Glorious victorious warriors from the left lung of the 'Ville
Chill, before we send that forth back at ya
{*ka-klow, pow*} Couple of slugs tossed back at ya
Cause y'all know, like I know, who game realest
It's the Fame and the Glory, but first pay Dilla
Motherfucker! {*scratched: "Hands up" to end*}