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Artist: J Dilla f/ Black Thought (The Roots)
Album:  Jay Stay Paid
Song:   Reality TV
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{"Bear witness motherfucker!"}

[Black Thought]
Yo, I'm havin trouble at the crib
I'm goin at it with my baby mother where I live
While the soldiers bleed, the economy recede
And all she want to watch is reality TV
Went from us in real life to "Strange Love"
Some behavior, I couldn't figure the +Flavor+
Dropped out of "Charm School" when she fell in love with +New York+
And love money, that's what I'm not made of
I bought a membership to the "Celebrity Fit Club"
To see if I could stand a +Real Chance+ with this +Love+
It don't make sense, the way she tried to turn a +G to a Gent+
But need "Tough Love," don't get it mixed up
I was one of them "Wildboyz," "Shootin for Sizemore"
She was a little live joint, watchin "The Osbournes"
The "Best Week Ever," had her goin for broke like Eddie Griffin
Or Danny Bonaduce, but no he never listened
When I drop a super "Sweet 16"
Daydreamin of becomin Miss Rap Supreme, or maybe "Making a Band"
but bring your guns out, sing your lungs out
Move out like "Daddy's Girls" out of "Run's House"
But that's against all odds
Pick apart this mic, come try to "Pimp Your Ride"
Real as "Real Housewives of Atlanta," yeah it's real outside
And it's like an episode of "College Hill" outside
Whether it be for the love of the payday
Or for the love of tryin to have a baby for Ray J
The most smartest model on "Project Runway"
She wanna be Kimora livin "Life in the Fab Lane"
And change her last name, and since "Gotti's Way" was pase'
She watched Salt-N-Pepa and +Celeb Rehab+ day
That's all she talk about at the cafe
I swear to God it drove me to drink about a half a carafe
My head's so spinnin, I'm so through with women
Who watch reruns of "The Real World" with dinner
And Kim Kardashian, moms and Bruce Jenner
And Three 6 Mafia show, and Jerry Springer
Scott Baio, 46 and "Knocked Up"
I'd rather see "The First 48" or "Locked Up"
Instead it's just a "Nanny 911," I'm "Trading Spouses"
"Extreme Makeover" she rearranged the couches
Now, she keep changin outfits
I'm 'bout to get a Doctor Phil to do something about this
The house not fresh, she not "Top Chef"
I tell her "Viva La Bam," she tell me not yet
Watching "Cribs" lookin at shit, she never gon' get
America's best dance move she tryin to do the step
'Bout to do her like Beyonce and tell her to the left
Truth be told, she 'bout to television me to death

{"Bear witness motherfucker! All day"}
{"Bear witness motherfucker!"}
{"Bear witness motherfucker! All, day"}