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Artist: J Dilla f/ Black Thought
Album:  The Shining
Song:   Love Movin'
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[Intro/Chorus: Black Thought]
VGs', that's wassup, uh-huh
Dilla Dawg, that's wassup, 'sup
Roots Crew, that's wassup, 'sup
We keep it ghe-tto, twistin backwoods up
K. Rigg, that's wassup, 'sup
Phil da Ag', that's wassup, 'sup
J Ball, that's wassup
You know my niggaz keep it ghe-tto, twistin backwoods up

[Black Thought]
Yo, I got a shitload of story tales up in my sack
So let all the drums and all the noise interact
Twist up a fat one and make my coffee black
The Grim Ripper, th-th-the boss is back
My nigga, fifteen minutes minus five is a dime
To jewel it or not, it ain't a problem to shine
It's why my man Dilla do it without even tryin
The greatest hip-hop producer of all time, dig it
We back on the job, havin a good time with it
You gotta love it, we got it, still tryna get it
The footprint in the booth on every continent
Step off the stage, the whole crowd, that's our hostages
And our sponsors is my Merrill Lynch Mob
Hands on a long double barrel that the trench hide
Tired of bein outside, breakin inside
First motherfucker that flinch, he gettin French fried, geah~!

[Chorus 2: Black Thought]
That's wassup
Frank'n'Dank, that's wassup, 'sup
Yo, 'Riq Gees, that's wassup, 'sup
You know my people keep it ghe-tto, twistin backwoods up
Krondon, that's wassup, 'sup
Yeah, Kweli, that's wassup, 'sup
Aiyyo Com, that's wassup, 'sup
You know my people keep it ghe-ghetto, twistin backwoods up

[Black Thought]
From the smoke of the basement to the pickings on the roof
I rock the house from out of solitary booth
I'm raw, like the fury I instill in every booth
My name Black Thought from the Legendary Roots
Guardin the gate, ill vibe off them snakes
Up in them sweepstakes, I'ma give these cats something to taste
Shot glass full of chemical waste
Mollywop smirks off your face, you get lurched off the base
Outside of the world premiere, tusslin for a parking space
To get a glimpse of the IMAX Theater rhyme creator
Deep concentrater, black activist agitator
Contemplatin the outcome of engagement
Keepin patient, movin like a secret agent
Mic like a ball and chain, a lab callin my name
What the fuck, I'm 'bout to muscle the game

[Chorus 3: Black Thought]
It's 'Riq Gees, that's wassup, 'sup
Gulity Simpson, that's wassup, 'sup
Madlib, that's wassup, 'sup
Yeah, keep it ghe-ghetto, twistin backwoods up
Dilla Dawg, that's wassup, yeah
Turn it up, that's wassup, yeah
That's wassup, yeah
We keep it ghe-ghetto, twistin backwoods up, yeah

There it is, uh
Get it!
That's what I'm talkin 'bout
Turn it up, uh...
Uh, when I'm comin in?

("Got any inspirations for us? Like old records?")

[J Dilla]
It's like, what it is, all old records
Um, y'know, how I feel for the day
Yaknowmsayin, it's like
I don't understand how this shit comes through me
or when I feel the urge to work, y'know, it just happens