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Artist: Jaytekz
Album:  Testament (S)
Song:   Testament
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Yeah who the fuck is this
Running round town can't fuck with him
Let me see you try and catch up to him
Try to step up nah you won't fucking win
Ion really what you gotta say
Ion really care you gotta prove
Ion really care if you getting paid
So ya'll broke as fuck and can't afford to lose
Came a long way from the go
Rhymes so cold like a rap on the snow
Spit that heat like a wrap on the stove
Feel so blessed like I learned from the pope
Verse so dope you would think it was coke
Words so deep you can see through my soul
One of a kind yo I should let you know
Fucking with me will get you overthrown
Fuck what you heard
Fuck what you think
I will diminish your team in a blink
Shittin', and pissin', and killin', and chillin',
revealing the fuckery in your scheme
Gay as a dog
Gay as a beast
Mother Theresa put him on a leash
If he is loose then I cannot compete
If he competes then I will not succeed Oh
And that's real shit
Homie you will get burned up real quick
God knows when I drive flows
I done been hit that kill switch
Real quick and I'm out
Ion give a fuck what you been bout
You might've been dead
But you are not out
Excuse my friends
Yo I'm thinking out loud
Ya'll speaking out loud
So fuck how you feel
Independent no labor deal
By myself how'd that make you feel?
While you got a whole team witcho playing field
Huh? bunch of weak ass bums
You see me on a beat you run
If you wanna stay, yo it ain't no fun
Imma raise the stakes
Leave yo ass well done
I'm a mastermind
From the start I've been after mine
Half the time I'm either plotting moves
No chance the rapper
I got the truths aye aye
Who the fuck want smoke
Wanna step homie please don't choke
No cartel but its all for the smoke
Run this song and that's all that she wrote
Like emancipation
You against me that's devastating
Ion give a fuck about your reputation
Or what you thought and your speculation
Destination straight to the top
Know they hating wanna see my flop
Know they waiting for my shit to drop
Undercover fans never give me props
Free my pops out the fucking jam
Make him proud so I'm going ham
More bars than a prison camp
And I'm going hard just to feed my fam
Hoping Imma make a hunna grand
Understand this my only chance
Other plans are irrelevant
This is all I know this my testament
Excellence is what my heart desires
Weak rappers they will get devoured
Killing beats that's how I'm in power
Bunch of phony thugs
Bunch of fucking cowards
Soft pussies worth the baby powder
Hate to say it but this game is ours
Sweet rappers always looking sour
Lookin' up to me like I'm their fucking father
I rhyme hard
And you go home
But don't grind here this a tow zone
Rhyme smart cuz I won't stop
In this cold world with no love shown
Fuck rap and most people in it
Tell the truth yo its all a gimmick
Everybody wanna claim they real
But the majority is now all finick
All runnin' with the foreign whips
Showing off with a porn bitch
Claiming that you been scoring chicks
But the most action's off a porno flicks
So sick of this industry
Prepare for my killing spree
Tell em bout when I'm on the beat
So my enemies so you rest in peace
I'm a fucking monster
Waited too long now its time to cock her
Rider so low but I'm no Chewbaca
Got alot of ammunition like a fucking chopper
Aye aye
Who wanna round
Imma go out like a dog in a pound
Walking around Imma shoot em all down
One by one watch em all hit the ground