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Artist: Jazzanova f/ Phonte
Album:  Of All the Things
Song:   So Far From Home
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[Intro] [Phonte Speaking]
"Oh, it's so hard to be alone."
It's so hard baby. So hard. 
It ain't easy doin' what I do but ah, (No it ain't, no it ain't.) 
I'm gonna go out here, I'ma get this paper.
I'ma hit this road and I'ma...

And I'ma keep it on
Keep keep keep keep it on
Listen, (one two now) I say that I'ma keep it on
I say that I'ma keep it on
All day
All night
We gon' set the party off right
All night
And all day
It's Jazzanova (yes sir) and Phonte

[Verse One] [Phonte]
Now I'ma show you how to rhyme
Because your circle gettin' outta line
I made magic on these tracks like Merlin
When I'm in Berlin, ridin', swervin' down the Autobahn
A buck twenty or more
Doin' cities and tours
Write ditties that make the bitties get on the floor
Like Diddy they +Press Play+ but I press record
To give it to you quite like I never did it before
Fitted cap on the dome
Tattoos on the arm
Ladies love the kid, they really think he a charm
When he step off stage, the feelin' ain't so warm
Go back to the room, call wifey and moms
Tell 'em how much I miss 'em, so the kids, just kiss 'em for me
And tell them, "Return, I shall."
I know this type of livin' ain't ration-al
But that's the price for bein' international

[Chorus] [Phonte]
You're out here all alone
No place to call your own
So far from home
Feelin' all the pain and anguish
Prayin' that they speak the language
So far from home
Everybody know your face
As long as you know your place
So far from home
So far from home
So far from home
So far from home

[Verse Two] [Phonte]
There's been so many tracks I don' rhymed on
In so many different time zones
Gettin' my grind on
Just doin' everything I can to get my shine on
I even dropped poems down in Stockholm
And sent niggas to the cosmos in Oslow
Pretty chicks rockin' tunics in Munich
People ask me every day why I do this
And I tell 'em all the time it's all about the music
Cause I
If it wasn't for this hip hop shit
These people wouldn't treat me like the creme de la creme
Red carpet treatment, the chances are slim
I'd probably just be another nigga to them
Cause the young folks cool but the old folks cold
Be starin' like they never seen black people before
I know it ain't ration-al
But it ain't they fault, they not international
You know what I'm sayin'?


"Oh it's so hard to be alone"
So close but still so far away
Hey hey hey

[Verse Three] [Phonte]
After a show at Jazz Cafe
I met a brother in the crowd and he said, "That I'm currently,
In the military, but I'm from Greensboro"
I gave him a pound and I ain't talkin' bout currency
I started thinkin' about my boys at the crib
Who dream of these places but won't make it over
Rocked a million places and I've seen the sights
But when black people unite
Home feels much closer
Now what I'm sayin'?


[Outro] [Phonte]
On and on
Everybody keep it on and on
Like this uh
Jazzanova keep it on and on
One time keep it on and on
Like this uh
Little Brother keep it on and on
Everybody keep it on and on
Like this uh
Phontigga keep it on and on
Everybody keep it on and on
Go home c'mon