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Artist: Jean Grae & 9th Wonder f/ Phonte
Album:  Jeanius
Song:   The Time Is Now
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Intro [Jean Grae]
Aye 9th, you know me & Phonte the Ashford & Simpson of this rap shit.
Y'all ain't no? Oh, y'all ain't no. Ohhh, we creepin' up then

[Verse One] [Jean Grae]
It's Jean niggas
Back again
Trap you in the wrath again
Blacker than boat loads of Africans
Or rather like them
This struggle, we can't win
Back bent, over till it slacks, and cracks
Can't hustle harder
I'm like my father
Only in denial though
My mother is like, "I know" and my brother is quiet so
I fight further
Till I type murder, family cycles will fly further than expected
Titles on my life or daughter
Sorta like I bought her
Still in my momma's house
Get green like chlorophyll when all of y'all be like, "I'm out."
Get me wrong shit
Shittin' in your own crib
I'm in no position to be fuckin' on my own still
This ain't some words on a paper
This is what my mind's made of
Emotional heart data
Like a skyscraper reachin' up
Try to stay keepin' up and tryin' to keep my feelings out of beats and stuff
But Tay they ain't believin' us

Been through so many struggles in my life
You would not believe where I have been
I don't know where, I don't know how
Even my lonely heart and sacrifice 
Until the day that my life ends
The place is here, the time is now

[Verse Two] [Phonte]
At this moment
Phonte's flow is 
Stompin' through 
Y'all niggas just tip toein' 
Soon as they put it on
They say, "He's big Willie."
You just a Lil' Jon
Tryin' to Get Lower
This is
Proof that thee existence of persistence pays off and it's showin'
Cause labels used to play me like
Now they better pay me like I'm Luke Wilson
Check your books, I ain't owin'/Owen
Tay's a true terror
Y'all ain't bustin' caps
Y'all gangstas in the studio makin' a new era
And this is for whoever
Is tryin' to do me
Y'all need to do you, maybe then you'll do better
Cause I'm gonna be spittin' till I walk with a cane
Left my mark on the game
And y'all just scribblin' 
I'm etched in stone, y'all just penciled in
#2 status that's your place nigga, live with it

[Jean Grae singing]
They don't know the shoes I walk in 
So I guess they'll keep on talkin'

[Chorus] [x2]

[Phonte singing]
We gon' build it up, build it up, built it up
And now we're solid
Solid as a rock

[Jean Grae singing]
It's solid, it's solid
You'll know, you'll 
Until when, you hold that thing in your hand and you know it's solid
It's not a liquid, it's not a gas, it's solid, it's solid, let me tell ya
So solid

It's the icing on the cake. Ain't that the best thing you ever heard? Hahaha