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Artist: Jay-Z f/ Beyoncé
Album:  American Gangster
Song:   Pray
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[Intro: Beyoncé]
Deliver me from my enemies, oh God
Defend me from all that rise up against me
Deliver me from the work of inequity
And save me from the Bloody Mary

Look.. mind state of a gangster from the 40's
meets the business mind of Motown's Berry Gordy
Turned crack rock into a chain of 40/40's
Sorry my jewelry is so gaudy
Slid into the party with my new pair of Mauri's
America, meet the gangster Shawn Corey
Hey young world, wanna hear a story?
Close your eyes and you can pretend you're me
I'm cut from the cloth of the Kennedy's
Frank Sinatra, havin dinner with the Genovese
This is the genesis of a nemesis
Mother America’s not witnessed since
the Harlem Renaissance birthed black businesses
This is the tale of lost innocence
As the incense burns and the turntables turn
And that Al Green plays
I see my mother's afro
As Mama taps her toes, as she rolls her J's
And my papa just left the house
in search of the killer of my Uncle Ray
And she's trying to calm her nerves
As I observe this is just one day
And what tomorrow has in store
we can never be sure so all we can do is... pray

[Break: Beyoncé]
Because of your strength...
While I walk the pond of Eden
For God is my deep fix (pray for me!)

As I head to my homeroom
I observe the ruins
Dope needles on the ground
I hear a car go, "Vroom"
Drug dealer in the BM with the top down
As the girls start to giggle
I ask, "Why you laugh?"
They say, "You're too little"
"One day you'll understand
when you become a man
'bout things you have to get you"
Fast forward, freeze frame on my pistol, fistful of dollars
Ignorance is so blissful
I ain't choose this life, this life chose me
Around here it's the shit that you just do
I just left school
The same BM is pulled over by the boys dressed blue
They had their guns drawn
Screaming, "Just move"
"Or is there something else you suggest we can do?"
He made his way to the trunk
Opened it like, "Huh?"
A treasure chest was removed
Cops said he'll be back next month
What we called corrupt, he calls payin dues
Now when the rules is blurred
As they is and were
What am I to do.. but pray
Pray the Lord forgive me
Pray He guides me by for what I'm 'bout to go through... pray

[Break: Beyoncé] 
Deliver me in thy righteousness
And cause me to escape
And climb thine air internal
Save me thine Lord (pray for me!)

Geah.. anywhere there's oppression
The drug profession
flourishes like beverages
Refreshing, ahhh! Sweet taste of sin
Everything I seen, made me everything I am
Bad drug dealer or victim, I beg
What came first? 
Moving chickens or the egg?
This I why I be so fresh
I'm trying to beat life 'cause I can't cheat death
Treat shame with shamelessness
And stainless at anuses
You know the game this is?
Move coke like Pepsi
Don't matter what the brand name is
I stand behind mine
Everything I do, I'm a man behind mine
I'm not an angel, I'm sure
But every night before I lay
I drop my knees to the floor and I pray

[Outro: Beyoncé]
The name shall endure forever
The name shall be continued as long as the sun (pray for me!)
Men shall be blessed in Him
All nations shall call Him blessed

In your name I pray... (pray for me!)
Lord bless us