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Artist: Jay-Z f/ Kanye West
Album:  The Blueprint 3
Song:   Hate
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

Ha-ters, ha-ters - SNITCH HATERS~!
And I made myself so easy to love...

[Kanye West]
Yeah.. yeah..
How much they hate it? Very! +Kissed Girls+ like Katy Perry
I am never sprung, but I Springer/spring 'er -- Jerry
Don't try this at home: results may vary
+King+ like T.I., but in the Chi -- Larry

Hoover, Hova, both are, +American Gangsters+
You choose who's, colder; rappers get nasty in the booth but I'm grosser
I can't even stomach myself -- ulcer, more realer cause I'm closer
Had girlies in girdles weighing more than they supposed to; poser, no sir
My hustle, so Russell, I stretch work, yoga
You know I got it down, dog; Al Roker, I used to knock pounds off
It ain't nothin' for me to knock some nouns off as these MC's prayin' for my downfall
They just ha-ters; I wave at you, I'm so play-er; I'll never be done, I'm so ra-re

[Kanye West]
We killin' the game, it's not fa-ir, you muthafuckers stay right the-re
Cause we too high up in the a-ir, we blastin' off just like a la-ser
Nigga, PYOO, PYOO, PYOO~! Get back, gimme room, room, room
DB9 like vroom, vroom, vroom! Young Hov, what we doin, doin, doin?

We ballin', bit-ches; eatin' ya'll food leaving di-shes
Why these niggas always talkin' Lear talk, 'Ye? Why I never see 'em at the Clearport, 'Ye?
Why I always hear they at the airport while I fly daily like I'm in the Air Force?
There-fore, please stop talkin' my ears, off; millionaire talk
You ha-ters, you mad at me cause your pa-per
need to get its motherfuckin' weight, up (hold up) -- wait, up, I ain't done
Name one thing I ain't done, it hurts when you say that I ain't the one
You ha-ters, how do I gain your fa-vor
I need to know cause I ca-re; I need you to love me, I swe-ar, look he-re!
See 'Ye is runnin' the Chi like Gale Sa-yers; I'm runnin' New York
I got the ma-yor on my pa-ger, you can't fade, us, you ha-ters
I need you, stay the-re, I breathe you like a-ir

Yeah-yuh, yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yuh 
Yeah-yuh, yeah-yeah-yeah - where all my ha-ters?
I love all my haters, love all my haters
I love all my haters, where all my haters?
Hater, hater, yeah-yuh.. hehehe