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[Intro: Dr. Lenora Antoinette Stines]
(Can you tell us about love?)
Hmm, well there's love of children
Love of self, love of God, love of a partner
All of them have a different shape
but all of them is the same in the end
It's about sensitivity, it's about passion
It's about, unconditional giving of self to another person
And, there's love of humanity
That's the love that is right now needed most, love of humanity
But in everything, in all of that love, there is a soul
It's like when you, take some eggs and break them
And you, and you, take the shells and mix them up
Trying to find the ones that match, and you find the perfect match
That compatibility results in passion
Results in unconditional giving of self

Yo, yeah

[Chorus: JAY-Z]
I'm good on any MLK Boulevard
I'm good on any MLK Boulevard
See my vision with a TEC, bitch I'm Malcolm X
Haters dreadin my effect, they want that Das EFX
Get your hands up high like a false arrest
Let me see 'em up high, this is not a test
Yes, put 'em up, this is not a test
Now hands where I can see 'em, fuck a false arrest

This off-white 'fit that I rock, shit permanent, hmm
The 'fro that I grow got no perm in it, hmm
A nigga late but he best dressed
Got slowed down by the weight of my necklaces
Parked the Lexus in the projects, bitch I'm reckless
Extra magazine, hopped on a jet with my Ebony chick
... Blacker than the Essence fest
Behind the back pass is so effortless
LeBron James to you Omaroses
Dapper Dan at 4 AM, shit, I am the culture
I made my own waves so now they're anti-Tidal
I'm livin the no-sock life despite you
Since the Kalief doc, they've been at my neck
Y'all can tell 'em Trayvon is comin next
The SEC, the FBI or the IRS
I pass the alphabet boys like an eye test (yeah, yeah)

[Chorus] - first 1/2

[Beyonce over Chorus]
I'm good
He good!
I'm Malcolm X!

Get your hands up high like a false arrest (put your hands up high)
Let me see 'em up high, this is not a test (let me see 'em up high)
Yes, put 'em up, this is not a test (put 'em up, put 'em up)
Put your hands where I can see 'em, FUCK a false arrest
Higher, higher
Higher, higher
Higher, higher
Higher, higher

[Beyonce] + (JAY-Z)
I'm good anywhere I go, anywhere I go (go)
I pull up like the Freedom Riders, hop out on Rodeo
Stunt with your curls, your lips, Sarah Baartman hips
Gotta hop into my jeans like I hop into my whip, yeah
Mobbin in a hoodie like Melo
Come up out that pretty motherfucker like "Hello, hello"
I will never let you shoot the nose off my Pharaoh (yeah)
Yeahhhh, higher

[JAY-Z] + (Beyonce)
I like purple and purple rain
Tryna put red and blue together bitch, that's on gang (higher, higher)
These people tryna get me out the paint
Cause I cook collard greens and yams better than your aunt (higher)
Man, we started with a mustard seed
Now we in the gray 911 with the mustard seats
Sheesh! Matte black puma jet
Shinin my light on the world just like +Umi Says+
Got the Richard Mille all colors
Might hit you with the Rose Gold all summer
For the culture
... They even bitin cornrows, put your scarecrows up
... I come from the finest crop
Tell 'em the god's on row, watch 'em line the block
The Chitlin' Circuit is stopped
Now we in stadiums, eighty thou' a wop
Yeah, watch


[Beyonce over Chorus]
He good
We good
I'm Malcom X! (Higher)
Get your hands up high (higher, higher)
Let me see 'em up high (higher, higher)
Yes, put 'em up, this is not a test (higher, higher)

[Outro: "Broken Strings" by Flower Travellin' Band]
"I know, I've only come half the way
 But look in the mirror, I see an older me
 Not realizing all the years that passed away
 But I know, I've only come half the way"