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[Beyonce] + (JAY-Z)
Happily in love (haters please forgive me)
(I let my wife write the will, I pray my children outlive me)
I give my daughter my custom dresses, she gon' be litty
Vintage pieces by the time she hit the city, yeahhhh
(Vintage frames, I see nobody fuckin with him)
Pretty thug, out the Third Ward, hear me?
(Sir acts just like his dad, shit is trippy)
Uh-huh, twinning, Blue and Rumi, me and Solo how fitting {happy in love}
(Sitting, dock of the bay with a big yacht)
Sipping Yamazaki on the rocks, ahh
(He went to Jared, I went to JAR out in Paris)
Yeah, you fucked up the first stone, we had to get remarried
(Yo, chill man) We keepin it real with these people, right?
Lucky I ain't kill you when I met that b- (nah, aight aight)
(Y'all know how I met her, we broke up and got back together)
Uhh (to get her back, I had to sweat her)
Uhh (y'all could make up with a bag, I had to change the weather)
Uhh (move the whole family west, but it's whatever)
In a glass house still throwin stones
(Hova) Beysus, +Watch the Thrones+ {happy in love}

[Chorus: Beyonce]
You did some things to me
Boy you do some things to me
But love is deeper than your pain
And I believe you can change, baby
The ups and downs are worth it
Long way to go but we're workin
We're flawed but we're still perfect
for each other, yeah yeah, you
Sometimes I thought we'd never see the light
We went through hell with heaven on our side
This beach ain't always been no paradise
But nightmares only last one night

[JAY-Z] + (Beyonce)
(Happy in love) No more clubs and Cali-curfews (one night)
(Just private affairs and a tighter circle - one night)
Large format wines in small settings, woo
Just hood ass niggaz in designer suits (ooh)
(Follow my moves on a truth in Alaļa boots, yeah yeah)
Amelia Earhart (I'm flyer than who? Yeah yeah)
Uh, fake news y'all choose, we no lie
No photoshop, just real life (happy in love - damn)


[Outro: Beyonce]
Damn, look at us now
Pray, pray for the vows
Way up now (we high!)
It's a long way, a long way down, yeah
We came and we saw
And we conquered it all
We came and we conquered
Now we're happy in love
Lovehappy, lovehappy
(Lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy)
Love love, lovehappy, lovehappy
(Lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy)
Love, love
(Lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy)
Love love, love
(Lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy, lovehappy)
Love, lovehappy
Love, lovehappy
Love, lovehappy
Love, lovehappy
Love, lovehappy