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Artist: Jay-Z f/ T-Pain
Album:  Maybach Music 2 (Remix) 12"
Song:   Maybach Music 2 (Remix) *
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* original "Maybach Music 2" appeared on Rick Ross' "Deeper Than Rap"

[Chorus: T-Pain]
Hey! Realest shit I ever wrote, chilling in my Maybach
Whatever I send out, homie I'ma make back
Hey! Can you believe that? (whoooooa)
You gotta see it, hey!
I don't plan on going broke, put that on my Maybach
cause I'm in it to win now, niggas can't take that
Listen to my Maybach music, to my Maybach music

It smell like summertime to me! {"What is this?"}
First one to cop, I'm the Maybach muse
First one in the coupe, I'm on my third six-deuce
White guts, black Benz
I call that bitch Affirmative Action
Oreo, the Obama
Curtains drawn, they can't see me, Osama
Cashmere throws, that's a splash of class
S.C. initials on the Tiffany glass
I guess on the initial Maybach
I was way too official, they ain't call Jay back
I'm just a bully, I apologize
and if you would've asked, I probably would've lied
Huh, this better, no pressure
as my mind reclines on white leathers
I think back to my first Maybach
Baby blue sides, I called her my Similac
Six-deuce every time, I never had the Heinz
Fifty-seven can't catch up to mines
No diss to Ricky, this his song
But everybody know this the shit that I been on
No fives, no four-point-ohs
So no partitions, a no-no for Hov' {"Sweet"}
I'm a just a top-drawer nigga
Penthouse every time, I'm a top-floor nigga
As I drift off further
Chauffeur serves the city, observers
Oohs and ahhs, they know who's inside
Though I never touch the wheel, I won't lose my drive
Oohs and ahhs, they know who's inside
On the factory shoes, I won't lose my stride

[Chorus: T-Pain]