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Artist: Joell Ortiz
Album:  Appreciate Ya (S)
Song:   Appreciate Ya
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I appreciate ya
I treat this like a war. I don't want no mediators.
Nah, this that grow up in the B's behavior
Next door to the greezy neighbors
Yeezy thank ya I do this for all the mean creators
I wish someone who neva needed favors to get where I'm at
Now they deem me a savior
But to be honest, I ain't feelin' like that
Man I just really like rap
Y'all lucky, trust me, I'm opposite the hands of Sandusky
With the shit that my pen state, these niggas can't touch me
Ugly, shiit, you serious?! I'm hideous
I was betta than all you silly kids
While tryna figure out just who I really is
Throw a shot at me and I just laugh
My bullshit feel like a rifle full clip
Snipe that ass, boy, I'm hot and I be writin' fast
Imagine if a nigga took his time to spazz


You said it three in one? Funny
It's four of us in a slaughter, that's a three in one
Learned that in public school too
Like what's in between a three and one
In Housegang I spoke to all three on one call
Like I dropped two albums and no.3 is one second from being done
Need y'all three to send me one verse a piece
For this heatmaker's beat and brothers keep a one
Simple mathematics, I'm adding up to all these rap addicts
I don't want to divide dough so multiplied flow and subtract maggots.
Like a brand new Craftmatic, boy, I'm back at it
Smokin' these new boys like my last habit
Dabnabit, I tried to quit, but everything I kick's like the last dragon
Hold somethin' my drumma dick, they on my band wagon
I just gotta laugh, y'all pushin' a lotta swag
I'm pushin' this big ole' hearse, don't get body bagged!