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Artist: Joell Ortiz f/ The Kickdrums
Album:  Inside a Change Soundtrack
Song:   How to Change
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[Joell Ortiz]
That feels about right...
Uh, Joell Ortiz..
Inside a Change, y'all..

Uh! Mama ain't no milk for the Rice Krispies (oh boy)
It's the first day of school, why ain't my Nikes crispy?
Why you in and out the house? Ma, you quite busy
I knew that answer so, I just closed my eyes quickly (word)
And just imagined a place where there was no drugs (what else?)
And me and moms didn't have to share, we had our own grub (what else?)
Heat that actually works, not the stove love
A backyard with a pool, not that old tub
Neighbors no longer separated by sheetrock (Projects)
A big porch, not a stoop where niggaz cheat rocks
Wakin up when you want to, not 'cause that heat popped
Walkin up the block, not bein bothered by beat cops (Man!)
I dreamt of a day when the world would know my entire name (Joell!)
Fans holdin ther hands higher than fire 'came
And I'll be naturally high, not tryna find a vein
I seen it, I believed it 'cause I was peekin inside a change

[Chorus: Fitty]
You know you're riiiiiight
Tell me, tell me where to go
You know I carrrrrre
Tell me, tell me how to change

[Joell Ortiz]
Ma, all the feathers flyin out my coat again (There it go!)
My asthma flarin and the elevator broke again
Why the TV all fuzzy like it was before? (Hell no)
I knew that answer so, hit my room, shut the door
And imagined a place where all the cables could stay on (what else?)
And the air mattress ain't what my sons had to stay on (what else?)
Both they rooms is colorful as the crayons
Playin PS3 with Lil' Rusty and Daekwon
A living room with flat screens size of my dresser (Flat!)
Get togethers and maids come in and clean the mess up
Hors d'œuvres not hamburgs' and the last of the ketchup (MAN!)
A gym in the basement basically keepin my chest up (RRRAH!)
I dreamt of a day that they would acknowledge I had came
And that I'm a beast and NOTHIN would keep this lion tamed
I just knew it in my heart I wouldn't die in vain
I seen it, I believed it 'cause I was peekin inside a change


[Joell Ortiz]
UH! I knew the wrong way (yep), I knew the right way (uh-huh)
But comin up, wasn't nothin goin my way (never)
My dad punched the road, y'know hit the highway (ERR!)
My moms escaped too, she just used the high way (drugs)
But when I take a look back, you know what I say?
(MAN!) I say, "Damn, life is funny like Friday" (Look!)
I got a flight out the country next Friday
I ain't Puff Daddy but, I don't work in Friday's (ha ha!)
And some people is startin to recognize my face (Joell!)
This girl stop me for a picture in her MySpace (cheese!)
Diehard fans love arguin my case
in hip-hop discussions, they be heated like my fireplace (YOU CRAZY~?!)
'Cause they really think I'm #1 (word)
But I'm only hot 'cause I understand I'm second to the one I'm from (God)
So 'til my dyin day, I look to the sky and pray
I seen it, I believed it 'cause I was peekin inside a change
Uh, inside a... change


[Fitty - Outro]
La, la-la-laaaaaaaah
La, la-la-laaaaaaaah
La, la-la-laaaaaaaah