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Artist: Joe Young f/ Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck
Album:  Cash & Grams
Song:   Move Unheard
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Inspectah Deck (Joe Young)]
Yeah, the mothafucking bookie, holding down my rights
You dig? Eyeballs on this nigga (Capp I see you)
One time for your mothafucking mind (Let's tear this shit up)
We bout to get out of order right now (What the flying fuck is goin on?)
Yo, yo, yo, yo

[Chorus: Joe Young "Scratches"]
We gon shut this game down and move unheard
"When ya'll ready, ready, ready to rock"
We gon shut this game down and move unheard
"Rock with it if you overstand"
We gon shut this game down and move unheard
"When ya'll ready, ready, ready to rock"
We gon shut this game down and move unheard
"Stop playin mayne, bring it back now"

[Inspectah Deck]
I Mash Out like Danze and Fame, me and my comrades snatch the game
And blast the flame, the General, that's the name
I get bills, still snatch the chain, and snatch ya dame
Where I'm from, we all act the same
I move ninja before you can flash the frame
Gangsta boogie, up jumps the boogie
With twin glock nines and a Champion hoodie

Yo thats me in the grind, I'm always gritty
Staten Island, I represent New York City
And where I come from, son it ain't no joke
There's fires in the building, you get killed by smoke
And if you not alert, it's like Berlin, when we goin bezerk
Hustlin again, puttin in hard work
Time to bring everybody back together like it's the new church
New Mass!


[Inspectah Deck]
Jets in the city, my rep get checks in the city
With all my connects in the city, my set get gritty
Name hold weight like I bench seven fifty, you craps better get me
We gon ride for it, do or die for it
Catch a homicide for it, never swicth sides for it
Might spit a clip in your face
We hungry, we eats the crumbs and lick plates

Now when the Europeans came, we flexed our skills
We used to be poor, but now we pay the bills
Some of ya'll vultures rob and kill just to eat
We in the streets, tryin to live our lives
Me and my hood peoples in the hills like East Berlin
Hold pens through hotels, mountain lions
Move on them like they did to the Mayans
Big irons for the sake of those thats at rest
Lebanon Don, Inspectah Deck
These niggas don't understand us, but show us respect


[Joe Young]
Joe Young, Wu-Tang, gonna bubble you hard
You weaklings, I told ya'll niggas from the start
We'll tear you apart, you know what I'm sayin?
Come through in the black Navigator, come out, spray ya
Only thugs get shook, fuck the mayor
This is meyhem, third world war shit
Ya'll niggas want competition, buy my rap kit
Peace to Banga, Danja and Deck
These are Urban Icons, nigga, show respect before I show you the tech
I'm duckin high, niggas stay low
Before I step through you niggas like the Stargate hole
Who want war? Smash ya face on the floor
Take from the rich and give to the poor
I rhyme sick, I shoot because of Sickamore
Your hoe wants dick or more
I'm on some shit, like, stick em all, kick in the door