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Artist: JoJo Pellegrino f/ Method Man
Album:  Forget About It
Song:   Up & At 'Em
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: JoJo Pellegrino (Method Man)]
Pellegrino flow
(Yeah, Mr. Meth, JoJo Pellegrino and my man Colegero, styled out, S.I.'s finest)

[JoJo Pellegrino]
I drink O.E.'s and blow trees that cripple the brain
Told 'em South short suckas smoke the similar slang
Witness the grain, I'm hip to this thing, simple and plain
Who's voice is I-talians, my familia bang
Click, bah, bah, be out to broke the fuck up in the game
Besides the hairline, nothin' change, tuckin' your chain
On some "How you doin'" shit, you luck which just change
You step on my toes, I'm written you a stuck in your game
Hold up, I personally feel this industry ain't nothin' but gas
See what happens when I touch it with flames
Pellegrino gone up in smoke like Cheech and Chong
What the blood see, pissy on these streets with cons
Beef with me, you in the reach of harm
I lay you face down, ass up, like bitches on the beach with thongs
Send Meth in your house, twice a month, reach the palms
On some Staten Island shit, jerk-off, my team's strong

[Chorus: Method Man (JoJo Pellegrino)]
We roast them like, marshmallows over camp fire
(Put the heat to his noggins and blow like hairdryers)
Gutter like dollar bill drivers
(Rap cyphers, who mugshots be on your most wanted fliers)
Up and at 'em (up and at 'em) up and at' em, up and at 'em (up and at 'em)
Up and at 'em, up and at 'em (up and at 'em), up and at 'em, up and at 'em
(up and at 'em)

[Method Man]
This is JoJo's dance, Staten Island advance
In the crime round up, you see that Method to the Man
Goin' back to basics, shit you can't taste with
Style laced with, arsenic before you taste it
Rap matrix, Gemini so you can face it
I heard Rob Base'd it, bad boys retire out the game
Just like Ma$e, dish it out and take it
To where I'm bout to go, and everybody ain't gon' make it
All In Together Now, follow me, the Method
More individual, the enemy you slept with
No love here, no tender, love and care
For M.C.'s I'm starvin', niggas best prepare for consumption
For wack assumptions, bitch you catch a bad one or somethin'
A sicker shot, gun, you don't know where put the put, the pump gun
Jumpin', jumpin', get crunk in and drunk inside the function


[JoJo Pellegrino]
Meth, I keep 'em on they toes like some hooker's sportin' 2-inch heels
My life's a rap song, applyin' it to 2-inch reels
Sore play in broad day, stupid, I got the dumb raps
Take heads to school like yellow buses, give 'em dunce caps
Put the word out, Pellegrino put the worms out
Plot to turn out, remain cool and watch 'em burn out
Cock suckas wanna dirt now, I got them under pressure
Like it's bottom of the 9th, 2 strikes, second out
I'm South short up, everythin' is gangsta
Murderous, various tools like Pergament's
Turn your back, tournaments the turbulence
Flow so terrible, JoJo Pelle-who?
Block your services, and so what I chill in the gutter
Burn trees in pool halls, and fuck with women in color
Guess what?, thought of dumb-dumbs, I'm down for the cause
Put an album in stores, and pimp these hooks like a house full of whores
Puttin' food up in the mouths of my dogs
To fuck, you clappin', we fire, raps for applause