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Artist: JoJo Pellegrino
Album:  Pellafreestyles, Vol. 1
Song:   Closer
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: JoJo Pellegrino]
It's crazy man, it's like, for me, it's a passing thing, you know?
It's like, people don't understand, I'm doin this my whole life
It's like, fantasize all the energy, and all the hunger that I put behind this
Never gonna stopchasing my dreams, yeah

[JoJo Pellegrino]
Life can be stressful, I'm tryin to be succesful
Steady going through these things, it's all mental
It ain't always what it seems
By any means, I'm getting closer to my dreams
With everyday that pass, try to capture the moment and make it last
Time goin fast, low on cash without no dough in the stash
Dwellin on the future, froze on the past
Turn to these streets, basically, are the same to me
I feel them taking over me, distant from family, smoking weed
I'm getting high, my mother sick, she prays to God and cries
Keep my baby boy alive, while he's striving to get closer to my dreams
Fresh outta luck, drinkin, drownin in grief
All by my lonesome like the trees for a leaf
I'm getting higher and higher
Heart's on fire, pain is down deep
I can feel it in my sleep
But as long as I'm breathing, I won't stop
I'm rock bottom till I come out on top
Stuck in my grotch, you know what
Sometimes it feels like I'm trapped that up, red light, and I'm never gonna pass green
The most awfullest thing, twenty five with no cream
Black balled, it made me wanna just scream
Sometimes it feels like I don't see no progress ever like I'm stuck forever
Is that my fate, being stuck forever?
Feelin low like everything's lookin up forever? No
I'm goin high, puttin work in till the day that I die
Thank you dad, it's in my genes
Hustle hard to get closer to my dreams
I'm a man with ambition on a mission
Hit em hard, see how they handle submission
I'm going higher and higher
And ain't shit nobody can tell me, so long as I'm spitting fire
Hitman for Hire on these beats, higher in the streets
Them low rank rappers that ???, and know these labels sleep
Sometimes you have to let it go
Timing is everything in this game, I was destined to blow
And even when that light dims, I'm possessing the glow
Blood, sweat, and tears is all I know, it helps me to grow
I'm known for good people, the morals I was raised with
Gimme the strength and determination she needed to make it
The negative people out of the cypher
Hater try to take me off my grind, I pay em no mind

[Outro: Goapele sample (JoJo Pellegrino)]
Push them all away so I can move on, closer to my dreams
(Closer to my dreams, come on) Feel it all over my being
(Fell it in my bones, I can feel it in my soul, it's in my blood)
Close your eyes and see what you believe (Close my eyes, fantasize,
Gettin closer to my dreams, and I'm)
I'll be higher and higher (to the top, to the top)
Oooh, unbelievable (all the way to the stars, closer to my dreams)
I get high, high (I can touch the clouds)
To my dreams, I get higher and higher (closer to my dreams)
Upward and onward and beyond all I can see (come on, yeah)
(Closer to my dreams) I'm so close it's like I can feel my dreams
(I keep running, I keep running, yeah) High, I'm moving closer
(CLoser to my dreams) Sometimes it feels like
(Sometimes I feel like I hit nothing, it never stops)