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Artist: JoJo Pellegrino f/ Solomon Childs
Album:  Pellefreestyles, Vol. 1
Song:   Rain Drops
Typed by: Davida.b.

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, uh huh
I'd like to bring to the stage a good friend of mine
Go ahead and do it, ayo Jo, you already know how it go
Out with the old, in with the new
Niggas don't want it with us man, they don't want it with us
Timberland boots all dirty
Yeah stomp a nigga's mouth with them dirty, yeah, ow

[JoJo Pellegrino]
These motherfuckers stay hating with button lips
You know that I know that you know that I'm the shit
As well as a bitch, karma's a grudge
Some people born twice, give em life, and they momma the judge
I got two black squeezers, I nicknamed them chocolate and fudge
You know Pella practice protection, only pop em with gloves
Strick a match, you deal with fire like an arsonist does
Thwy don't wanna see me profit or budge
It's like trying to shut me down, but truth now, that won't stop the buzz
How do I go from battling in the streets, drinking ??? of weak
To pushing coka and trees just to make ends meat
Somethin fishy, when I was down, my friends wouldn't lift me
And took it as an opportunity to kick me
Feelin like the old school fifty, nobody likes meeee
Odds against me, but I get busy
I'm the future dude, it's history
Move through pissy steps, who was killas reps
Rugers, millis, tecs, my music's gritty
Write to both funs, two bars simultaneously at the same time
I see beyond the dumb smog, the stars is alligned
In my rearview I see a car full of swine
Aselam Alecheim, no ham or bacon, simply I pay em no mind
Cop it, chop it, rap nation's trying to profit
Sew em up in forty forties with forty forites in my pocket
Closed at the seems, cops pull me over, try to give me a speeding ticket
Told him, 'Officer, I'm chasing my dreams' what

[Chorus X2: JoJo Pellegrino]
This is where the game stops
I pose for the lightning, rap for the thunder
Live life dancing between the raindrops
Cool and calm just like the eye of a storm
Watching the moon climb, hoping the sun rise come dawn

[JoJo Pellegrino]
Only things guaranteed in life, death and taxes
Most are dying dead, spending whatever's left on caskets
Me I hustle, mentaly's struggle until I catch a deal
One foot in the grave, the other on a bannana peel
As a kid, I never loved money, my heart didn't desire it
Now my whole day consists of scamming hard to acuire it
I'm a dreamer, last thing I'm thinkin is job and retirement
My stomach empty, nothing but larvae inside of it
Daddy creepin, rap is sleeping, they probably thought I fell off
Been a minute since the shit was in XXL and The Source
See hip-hop's like a bitch, she had me whipped, or she had some ???
Stop calling, now she on her knees crawling back too me
My thirst for knowledge fill the cup to the rim
You punks naked without guns, murk you with the lethal weapon under the brim
Press you, you're all trash, whatever the forecast
I weather the storm's wrath, but the hecklers talk trash