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Artist: Journalist
Album:  Scribes of Life
Song:   A Journey
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Let me take on a journey for about a minute and some change
And how this game done had me filled with bitterness and shame
Crazy, I done showed stress, wasn't even old yet
Thought I was deep in the game but I barely had my toes wet
Forreal y'all go with me, wasn't where I was supposed to be
Selling, arrests, depressed, zoned out to Floetry
Stressed, for all them nights that I spent under the lamp
Punching the pad, on my way to becoming the champ
For the lack of a few lincolns, was confusing the thinking
So instead of moving the ink pen, I pursued with the drinking
Belvedere and cranberry, with a twist of the orange
Staring at the walls, praying for a bit of endurance
While these over night rappers was thinking we neck and neck
But we never was neck and neck they to eager to get a check
My vision was Russ Simmons being the next rec exec
In the mirror getting dressed in jeans and sweater vests
I have pains in my pancreas, for everytime I heard that I'm on the vibe
Canibus, though I'm a big fan of his
We two different sandwiches, he's the illest alive
My will to survive is dealing with these gorillas inside
Bout a year ago exactly, the system almost had me
When the cops came to grab me, was singing that song from Shaggy (it wasn't me)
Whind'ed up happy, that they failed to trap me
In a cell with them sky blue shirts and navy khakis
So instead of sitting besides lifers
I left out of the courtroom with a smile as big as Mekhi Phifer's
Anyway, I ain't asking you, relate to these problems
These just things rappers go through when creating these albums (so enjoy)