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Artist: Jurassic 5
Album:  Feedback
Song:   In the House
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Party people, from right to left
Just kick off your shoes and enjoy yourself
The rec-ipe for rap is to flip the script
And we're the Jurassic 5 and we bout to rip

So ladies and Gentlemen
From the music the scenes far fetched extreme
From the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing
Were in the house

The original rhyme riddle hospital the mic
I spin on the mic
belittle those believ'in the hype
My breathing is like
Whatever you believ'in dis' like
I'm reading it right
Whenever, catch ya singin' you'd like ???
It's like
Could it be hot
Or could it be cold
Or could it control
I'm leaving it
Co, co c, c, c, Critical to the party goers exclusively
And you agree I'm much better than I used to be

J5 MC were here to rock
Rhymes like ours can never be stopped
You heard the four of us even though it's six
Guaranteed to succeed while we're bringing you this

I give J5 uh the recipe
South central MC in the place to be

Say ho if ya know that my flow get'cha out on the floor and make ya sweat
for sure, uh
Cos we got what you need
Stuck on my style and my melody, yeah
Let me show you where the party at
Avert the phone jungle with da party hat ???
Party packed from the front to back, yeah
Party rap and you know that

So just kick back now
Party with the people when you bust that move
Give it up don't stop now
Feel the vibe let the music put you through

So ladies and Gentlemen
For the music this seems far fetched extreme
For the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing
Were in the house

So ladies and Gentlemen
Get on down

Yeah that's what I'm talking about
Ya see I'm coming with the healing plan
Leaving my enemies spinning like a ceiling fan
Now while the rest assume
I let my blesses bloom
In a session I take it back like a dressing room
And it's a cinch what the tuna do
Turn a wrench and you're convinced
I'm as jazzy as a French quarter funar brawl
So that were beautiful music pharmaceutical
ladies and gents this event's undisputable

Its tuna fish in the house tonight

And Marc 7 rocks the lift well i rock the right
(right yeah)
The rhyme honour we rhyme like Shaun Connery
The shy town bummer my word is my born solomnly

We aim to please lady's grab your weaves
Fellar's grab your girl an touch up your curl
Cus these MC's minus 5 digrees
Time to see
Y'all can get as live as we
Yeah, turn the bass as the beat earthquakes
Your body and mind shack
My dj got 9 crate's
He's playing hard breaks
The partys of down state
He rip of a ryhme sake
No matter the time break

We're gonna get you on it you want it hype
We gonna make you move it your body tight
Ain't nothing to it we do it right
Now let us move it we new whats right

Well if your single or a couple
Outrageous or you settle
And you need the situation to change
Just wave those troubles down the drain

You see we came here tonight to entertain

So ladies and Gentlemen
From the music this seems farfetched extreme
From the brothers we bring a whole brand new thing
Were in the house

So ladies and Gentlemen
And J5
And Gentlemen
And J
And J
And J
And J
We're in the house