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Artist: Jurassic 5
Album:  Jurassic 5 EP
Song:   Concrete Schoolyard
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Now I'm a say this one time boy and that's my word
We rockin shots and not fire through the Hindenburg
The contribution is clear
You add water to bone
And get the Jurassic 5 on the microphone
Now if you like the toneAnd how the harmony's done
And the sucker emcees die before they've begun
Well I'd like to know if
You've got the notion
Cause we're number one
I'm not trying to say my style is better than yours
I'm just on some other shit
I'm all about the beats and the lyrics
So when you hear it you can feel it
The vibe is energized by the presence of my spirit
No interference we persevere
The purpose is clear
We're here to leave your ear hurtin severe
You're lurking in fear
Cause we take it back like Robin Locksly
Rockin from country sides to spots where hard rocks be
I often wonder if these emcees even know how it feels
To dedicate they whole life to this mic of steel
It's not about the bills
That's not keeping it real
A lot of tight rappers out here ain't got no deal
sWe appeal to the brothers with flow finesse
Cause it's the 100 watt blood shot game of death
Cause we're protected by 
the covenant of words and beats
Rewind and feel the heat
Recline and take a seat
So ah...

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Let's take it back to the concrete streets
Original beats with real live emcees
Playground tactics, no rabbit in a hat tricks
Just that classic rap shit from Jurassic

Now I walk from Tranzania
Earthquake Transylvania
And on my way I kicked a whole through the wall of China
Just to get the right blend
Cause its schizophrenic of the pathway to livin
I fell into the deep end
You shouldn't have told me
The pyramids can hold me
So now a contest is what you owe me
Pull out your beats pull out your cuts
Give us a mic, whatup
And we gon' tear shit up
I'm on some old and forgotten
Sun up to sun down
Like picking cotton
The Nutty Professor science droppin
Rockin Robbin's hood
From New York to Compton
Me and my three sons
Jabari, Shakir, and Kahsum


Hey, I'm 2na-Fish from U-N-I-T-Y
Do or die
Anti-illumaniti, why
Do the liquid from my vocals 
Make the ghetto start swimming
Forever winning I'm in it
Like Meadowlark Lemon
I get goose bumps
When the baseline thumps
A sucker emcee freestyle
He had mine for lunch
Marc 7even get you open like an attache
Briefcase in this case
The victor is no way
Ah, ah the tool spinners
Cooking the full dinner
Killing the first born of lyrical Yul Brenner's
When is it the academy
Rattling your anatomy
That'll be J 5 so kill all of your fake flattery
That'll be the day
When labels pay our way
2na what you say
when emcees come to play
Man fe dead
Cause we take it back like Spinal Tap
Preparing your intellect before your final nap
So ah...


You got beef now watch how I settle it
I'll fuck around and +Arrest+ your whole Development+
I'm eloquent
When it comes to digital display
I'm ready for the world while you earl off the Tanqueray
Tactics, my shit's Jurassic
5 fingers of death while you exhale and inhale
With a deep breath with my chop suey style
Cause I'm a lyrical chef
I gets mines to the death
Cause I be cookin
From here to Brooklyn
Your shit's annoying like fat-ass Bookman
On Good Time, when I rhyme
I hit the designated area
I hope you got your shots cause this is lyrical malaria
Spreading, beheading fools with the punishment
I live in America but fuck this government
A hundred and fifty times over silk with lead
While y'all drink the Similac
My rhymes are breast-fed
No artificial nipples
I flip the real skills
I thought I told you once I kick the lyrical windmills
And backspin Benedict, strictly for my benefit
I step on toes when I flow don't get offended
Come and get with it, comprehended when I kick it
I represent the real from the beginning to the end of it