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Artist: Juvenile f/ Kango Slim
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   All Over You
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I can see myself, kissin all over you
Girl if that's what you wanna do
Rubbin all over you
Girl you got me thinkin 'bout you babe, it's really really strange
That I might do, only to you
Kissin all over you

I'm tryin to get wit'chu baby I'm tryin to lock you down
You floatin hard, tryin to get yo' ass on solid ground
Big daddy comin over hoe so leave the door cracked
Can't control myself I'm tryin to hit it by the doormat
Headed big forward it's lookin like we some more of that
Black enjoyin bottles of bubbles you could be pourin that
You know the team strong, we got a hundred bikes
Need to be talkin to me if you want your money right
You never know it 'til you try it hoe
I tell you no lie hoe, I think you a flyer hoe (yeah~!)
I tell you this - if you was my hoe
I could fuck you better than that nigga with my eyes closed


[Kango Slim]
You've got a face like you sick of what you been goin through
He been ignorin you I can see where it's goin to
I be your energy, we got a chemistry
Somebody tell you I'm sour you be defendin me
You should be leavin with me instead of that other man
All of my feelings don't tell me you done made other plans
You understand? I'ma have to double back
I make that middle creamy, just like a double stack
I got you on your back screamin out all loud
I say that pussy good hoe but what that bow bow? (yeah~!)
I'm on your ass like a chair seat
I can see the future hoe you gon' be takin care of me