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Artist: Juvenile
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   Back Back
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ain't no nigga like a big dog nigga cause a big dog nigga don't quit
(I'm on my shit!)
I done told y'all I'ma get rich, y'all shiny but it ain't like this
(Take pictures of me)
Back back nigga, that's back back nigga
That's back back nigga, that's Juve (take pictures of me)
Back back nigga, that's back back nigga
That's back back nigga, that's Juve

I like to buy bling, look and I pay for it
I'ma boss, what I look like on the scene for it?
I be whylin, I get violent
Then let Nile in and brought a new style in
I put them hats on, and crease stylin
And what'chu think that y'all could play me like a violin?
I got a silent hood thang with some big hips
I call her Lockjaw, she got zipped lips
You know somebody like me and show him no sympathy
I'm a soldier ya heard me? First infantry
Cower back into the streets, nigga been a G
Orange drank like that bottle came from Tennessee
I couldn't do it at all, but I'm able today
to make it rain on a girl like April and May
So get your cell phone poppin wit'cha camcorders
I got my gloves on, lookin like the champ holder


Black Gucci scarf, packin gray Gucci boots
I be truckin, knock the glide out the Coupe in 2
You think eleven long wodie now how stupid you?
I do what men do and you do what the stupid do
I got talents, a great balance
Wit'cha daughter out to prove it ain't even a challenge
You messin up and I'm stickin to the standards
Get out the way and let a nigga manhandle it
I get straight to it, that's how a ape do it
I was sleepin but the {?} and now it's late to it
I don't be carryin cash, I got a safe for it
I keep the credit cards open, nigga late to it


I do it Tiger Woods style and get chaffeured
I'm on the golf course talkin to endorsers
They try to buy your boy out but I'ma pass that
At first I wasn't gettin enough now I'ma add that
I could go in to win, I don't need security
We gotta beef, I'ma handle it mature-ly
I be like "Who is you?" They be like "Who is he?"
I tell 'em nah and the smile is for you a G
I know you really would if you thought you really could
I'm just waitin to see which one of y'all gon' really do it
You know I keep the 45 like concerts
You say you get it like me, you're talkin nonsense~!

[Chorus] - 2X