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Artist: Juvenile f/ Bobby V
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   Everything
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Bobby V]
Hey Juvie let's get it mayne

[Chorus: Bobby V]
A hundred percent real with everything I do
I make things happen every time I come through
And that's on everytaing
That's on everythang
If I ain't already did it, hoey I'm about to
And that's on everytaing
That's on everythang

I'm like Rocky goin up them Philly steps, fa-daa-daa-daa-daa
To the top, na-nah-naa-na-nah-naa-naa
I'm sippin Chaundon, until the sun done
Don't need another one but I'ma pop another one
Give you my word that I'm more gangsta than the worst of 'em
The nerve of 'em, get credit for murders and ain't deservin 'em
Pour to the curb on 'em bourbon please don't be burgeonin
Barely makin it out the Magnolia before I'm servin 'em
Niggaz talking 'bout taking my paper won't be the first of 'em
Only receive these teardrops is the ones who gettin work with 'em
I put my people on it pay attention when I'm workin 'em
Get in, get money, get out, and you won't have to be hurtin 'em


Ye dig? I been about my business as a kid
And all of your money there nigga well I say that it is
A couple a thousand ain't nuttin to me I spend that on a fix
And everything you've been hustlin for I lose that on a six
I don't wear nuttin but Hot Boy colors and talk that old Hot Boy shit
And only hot girls out there still tryin to get that old Hot Boy dick
You heard of me dirty, I be up early with the pigeons
And your neighbors be up with me too listenin through the kitchen
One of the pioneers gotta bounce sum'n serious
I'm the shit around here, I been out here
Pull out the purple in the wheels, diamond chains and the grills
Women see me and get the chills, wanna hang with the real


They done got me back to my mojo, that's gon' be mo' dough
I ride the motorbike fast, I ride the Porsche slow
Got it below low, let your folks know
I make them dope rows that'll provoke those
cowards who scope those I got 'em so dro
I know they follow me, God bless 'em if they bother me
They got a problem with me obviously and I can understand it
cause they bitches be on top of me
And I understand them bitches too I fuck 'em probably
And they understand how a nigga feel about his property
Make 'em understand the consequences if they lie to me
I was raised right and I'm the nigga that they try to be


[Outro: Bobby V]
Whoahoahohhhhhhhh~! Whoahoahohhhhhhhh