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Artist: Juvenile f/ B.G., Kango Slim
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   Feeling Right
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Heyyyyyyyyy, hey-o!!
Shit, please believe it

A nigga feeling right, right now
I got the kush rolled up and the drink in the cup right now
Yeah, I'm feeling right, right now
I got the kush rolled up and the drink in the cup right now
A nigga feeling right, right now
I got the weed rolled up, bad bitch in the car right now
And I'm chasin that money
Gotta get it right now, right now

I smoke the best 'dro, boy you smoke mint grade
You need to graduate, you still in the fifth grade
You gotta problem don't you bring it over this way
I'm be too high to be worried 'bout what a bitch say
Leave me alone when you see me in the night club
I'm in my zone and bitch I'm high as a light bulb
I get another drink, and then another drink
Juvie, you want another drink? Man what you fuckin think?
Don't stop pourin 'til I tell you to stop
I got a couple bottles more, I'm drinkin every drop
Whoahhhhh, I'm feeling great right now
Yeah, go ahead and hate right now

[Kango Slim]
Hey, I just popped off, now I'm 'bout to smoke up
Purple kush in the dutch, purple drink in my cup
Yeahhhh, I'm feeling right right now
Got my eyes on another nigga wife right now
That booty movin makin music got me tuned in
And I'm just tryin to spend the night, I don't wanna move in
Yeah, I'm baggin bitches like groceries
She say she sick of lames? Well I tell her take a dose of me
Bet'cha I get you right, I'm better than Tylenol
Well I'll put you to bed hoe, I done hate you noddin off
It ain't no secret, I'm a dog huh yeah
And haters say I'm actin bad but bitch


I'ma real nigga, and I get it on
I'm a go getter, I'ma get it 'til I'm gone
All these fake niggaz, I be shittin on
Play with mine, I'ma put a couple in your dome
New Orleans is my city, I be puttin on
I'm at the top while you at the bottom lookin on
Keep lookin on, and keep lookin good
I ain't gon' never change, I'ma keep lookin hood
I lay a lotta wood, I get a lotta cash
I lay a lotta juice, kush in the new Jag
I keep a couple hundred grand in the duffel bag
In the safe deposit box got another stash
I'm from the 13, Uptown
You know how them Uptown niggaz get down
Them bricks high, but they still pay the price now
Drinks, pills and purp, I'm feelin right now

[Chorus] - 2X