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Artist: Juvenile
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   Gotta Get It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Y'all think broke look cool man

[Chorus: repeat 16X]
Gotta get it, gotta, gotta get it

I am Magnolia official, I played the Ave for years
They talkin 'bout me like when Shaq went to the Cavaliers
I keep a semi with me, just call me prince of ki's
Sellin tobacco and ain't none of my is nicotine
A dog gettin it, how much can a gorilla make?
I'm tryin yo chill, don't wanna have to put on my killer face
I get whatever I wanna boy, I don't wish I would
When I come out look out, be sharper then a stick of wood
I wish a nigga would; I make a nigga bleed
I cut a nigga like three dollars worth of Limburg cheese
I lay somebody down, I'll probably have to do or die
Won't nothin change, I'ma stay gutter like a sewer line
Yup it's manure time, business is pickin up
When niggaz find out I'm the man they probably shit a truck
No I ain't new to this money shit boy, I been a fool
I blow this motherfucker up this just like a innertube


I gotta get it so people, get on yo' day jobs
Ain't nothin crowded but the jail houses and graveyards
I'm on the corner in the ghetto like a pay phone
I call my baby like, "Daddy be on the way home"
Talk to you later, it's easy to get your cell tapped
And I got powder like a factory full of gel caps
I'm ballin in the game, boy I need a pair or two
I'm walkin on 'em in my slippers like a pair of Lugz
I'm not gon' ever lead the way, that's what the preacher said
Like I'ma be on the corner at Morgan Freeman age
I'm in the streets making connections in them restaurants
I'm eatin tacos and fajitas with the Mexicans
Boy I define the definition of what livin is
And anyway you see me out, it's what Thanksgiving is
You niggaz counterfeit poppas, I am a real daddy
Shoot up the motherfuckin world to keep the kids happy


I gotta get it, boy you beefin over petty change
I'm ready man, I got my fingers in on e'rythang
I'm on them Dana Danes, puffin on that mary jane
Look I'ma leader, it's one of us up in every game
And yeah I'm fly cause I always got that Eagle on me
I pop a nigga watch how quick he call them people on me
This is an act, I'm not in it to receive a Tony
I'm over here with all the cheese and I don't see balogna
Give a, what? I be talking mad to 'em
They say I'm shitty like a kindergarten's bathroom
I'm in a yellow Chevy thang with the doors up
I'm smokin purple the ashes burnin my clothes up
See them canaries in the grill? Yup, I talk major
Look at the light, it's like a Saturday night in Las Vegas
Yup I'ma boss playa, cause I say I is
I chase this money twenty-four hours everyday out here