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Artist: Juvenile f/ Jay Da Menace, Kango Slim
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   Make U Feel Alright
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I can make you feel alright, right
Ay, ay... ay, ay!

[Chorus: Juvenile] + (Jay Da Menace)
You can drop the top down, we can ride low
You can be yourself girl, let your hair go
  (Guarantee you girl, I can make you feel - alright) {*2X*}
You can act slick man but you won't know
Bet'cha if I give it to you, you gon' want mo'
  (Guarantee you girl, I can make you feel - alright) {*2X*}

It could be better but nobody can complain here
Just call me Santa Claus, you know I make it rain, dear
You can tell cause I'm livin so well
and my crib lookin like a lil' mini hotel
I know you're lookin for change, you want Barack Obama
Also you're sick of the pain, been through a lot of drama
Leave them heel boys alone, get a man of honor
I ain't a snake but I'm tryin to give you this anaconda
Girl you lookin good wit'cha ol' stiff ass
Kinda remind of somethin I'd see in gym class
Lean through{?} to me and I'll probably trip on him
I got my eyes on him girl and I ain't givin in


[Jay Da Menace]
Ay back up and let her do her thing
She a queen in search of a king
Stop be doin what you do
When you do your thing, all eyes on you

[Kango Slim]
I can make you feel like a woman wanna feel
And I like the way that back shape when you be in them heels
Don't take 'em off, leave 'em on when we do it
Louis Armstrong daughter, like a horn when she blew it
You know you the one girl, I can see you choosin
Cause you know I'm a winner, and with me you ain't losin
I'm diggin your hairstyle, love the way your face look
Let me take you to MySpace and tag your Facebook
Got'chu feelin me the way that Jada feelin Will
and Hillary feelin Bill, a chick that gon' keep it real - f'real
Kill Bill what I'm smokin on like good
I'm tryin to see if I can hit you with the nice wood


I can make you feel alright
Come over to the crib and give it to ya all night
Cause you got a body like the video type
Daddy comin over, put the Henny on ice
The Remy on ice, go on does it like that
Damn shorty I ain't know you do it like that
could move it like that - that's somethin that your momma can't teach
You don't care what niggaz sayin just go follow that beat~!