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Artist: Juvenile f/ Dorrough Music, Shawty Lo
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   We Be Getting Money
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Intro: repeat 2X]
I get plenty cheese, plenty plenty cheese {*3X*}


[Chorus: repeat 2X]
While you niggaz steady talkin, we be gettin money
24/7 on the grizzy that's how we hustlin
We be gettin money, we be gettin money
We be gettin money over you we gettin money

I bleed lighter fluid, I'm on my barbecue
So keep you guard up boy 'fore I bark at you
I get plenty cheese, I'm a la macaroni
I'm shittin on 'em like my money got a bladder on it
Thug G hard, somewhere the gangster put a saddle on it
Get rid of beef like a trunkload of cattle on me
At America's Game, you missed the ceremony
That bitch got papers on me, got me an alimony
The mayor went and told the chief to put a handle on me
Tourists visitin to see what's all the pandemony
I parked the Benz, slang and win, they got the Phanton on me
They tried to tune a nigga out, I changed the channel on me
Bitches fallin in love, they burnin cameras on me
Meanwhile these niggaz schemin and scammin on me
Go 'head and hate, keep on runnin to what I carry on me
I'm at the plate with the bat, I'm doin the Barry homey!


[Shawty Lo]
Gene Gene with the thing now it's buckwild
Shoot a nigga, I ain't care, went to Juvenile
When I came home, it was ninety-six
Got a introduce, to the money bitch
All I want is bread, now I'm hood rich
Bankhead Shawty, let's do this
Fuck it I'm so rich, so I bless my wrists
A hundred carats, you silly rabbit
I won't stop now, I had to elevate
I'm a millionaire, and I ain't graduate
I'm ballin up the boozy, I gotta stomach ache
Don't ever wake up, yeah my life great


{*They tried to tune a nigga out, I changed the channel on me* 2X}

[Dorrough Music]
I'm somethin like a pimp, with a bitch to please
From the hood so I'll take a bitch to Mickey D's
I get plenty money, I get plenty cheese
Livin life high since the first day I hit the weed
Bought a Lambo, which now means I get to speed
Never know what I'ma do they call me Mr. Trickysleeves
Lil' momma out of line? I tell her hit the trees
Krystal wanna spend the night I told her wait 'til Vickie leaves
D-O-double-R, oh you can't forget G
H-Town, D-Town, on my way to T-Town
N.Y.C. me, watch me break a beat down
Lose a bitch, grab a badder bitch off the rebound
See a hater slide him, before my niggaz him
Screamin money ain't a problem, watch me stick him up and rob him
24 cal, light weap' revolver
Nigga try to come between the money that's a problem solver


	{*BREAK!!!* echoes}