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Artist: Juvenile f/ Kango Slim, Youngin'
Album:  Cocky & Confident
Song:   You Can't Stop Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I came from the street, homeboy I get mine
And I'll be damned if I let you stop my grind
It ain't no way, no way, no way, no way
I'ma let a motherfucker come stop me
From gettin this cheese (gettin this cheese)
To gettin this dough (gettin this dough)
Ain't no way, no way, no way, no way
I'ma let a motherfucker come stop me

You can't stop a train, lil' nigga I'm a choo choo
Probably ain't feelin like me cause you ain't used to
Living like this cause little wodie you broke
Searchin for a hustle everywhere that you go
Lookin like a snail cause you movin too slow
Tryin hard as hell, but you need to do mo'
That's on you boy, cause I'ma do juvie
Watch that wodie don't you step on my Guccis
Money don't make me, money don't move
Matter fact, money ain't shit to me truly
Haters know I got it, and they say they gon' abuse me
Bitch I don't know who the fuck they confused me wit
Ain't stoppin me from gettin what I usually get
Be all bustin out on cash U.T. shit
And ain't worried about how many goons you wit
You can say what you want and catch a Zulu fit


18, Youngin' gettin big money
Haha and nigga ain't shit funny
I get money strapped with a lil' light toy
It might be under my arm like Right Guard
I say, I'm in a swamp, with white hard
You watch a nigga in that water like a lifeguard
I'm from the Big Easy ohh but life hard
So when I spit real niggaz be like LAWD
I did it, like O.J.
Made 'em all stop, like a 4-way
No way, no way
I'a let a motherfucker come stop me
I got me, as sure as I got chu
I'm a +Street Fighter+ like Ryu
Ken and them, left and right I'm sendin them
I'm splittin with ease, gettin this cheese


[Kango Slim]
I said everytime, this gon' be my last time
This my last goal this gon' be my last grind
Addicted to the shine, the streets got me caught up
Hustlin gettin mine that's how I was brought up
My momma always say I shouldn't do the things I do
But Mickey D's cant buy me no Gucci shoes
Or them Louis loafers, or a Maybach
I love weed momma, 800 for the sack
I'm up early I didn't go to sleep last night
I'm on the junkie flight, tryin to get my fetti right
I'm tryin to serve them hard and your boy too
Ask my customers you know who they belong too
Jealous nigga hatin on a niggaz pocket
I got product guranteed to make a nigga profit
{?} {?} {?} one, and pick
I type this on the sideline like Vick

[Chorus] - first 1/2