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Artist: Juvenile
Album:  Juve the Great
Song:   Enemy Turf
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[Verse 1: Juvenile]
C'mon......  C'mon...
I bet if I pull a pistol and pop you, you gon' tell me where its at
you see the blood shotted eyes with the taped up clips in the mac
black hood with black gloves, bandanna round the mouth
a nigga posted up on every perimeter around your house
and we didn't come here for a meeting, or here to loose time
we some niggaz who wanna be eating better in due time
muther fuck leaving the block, better to use nines
It ain't no secret I'm cheap, however my jewels shines
The prisons got way  more  niggaz than the streets do
who average more than 30 murders a week (nigga we do)
It ain't a war thang, its a fuck me, fuck y'all thang
And we got hoes that know how to sneak guns in the bars man
So think twice about leaving the gun in the car man
Nigga don't give a fuck about moving son on the wall man
Ain't no everybody, its yourself and you all in
If you paying traps you don't deserve to be balling

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Its enemy turf that I'm on
so I'ma play it how it go
cock the hollow points into my black calico
I'ma make all these bitch niggaz respect me right
please let me hit another lick, I'ma be set for life

[Verse 2: Juvenile]
Look I'ma solid 170, lips like Bill Bellamy
Fresh out of the court house from whipping the felony
Didn't really want to hurt her, but you know how it is
You better not ever disrespect me hoe in front of my kids
ayo the cops be rolling, therefore I fucks with no one
I went and copped me 4 guns, I'm bout to bust this open
To all you bitch niggaz doubting the force, its gon' get ugly
I'm that nigga that'll fuck you up quick, thats why the streets love me
Catch me posted with Lil' Weezy, (?) I'm doing it
Niggaz having problems with coke but we still moving it
Whatever's on the market I can work it
I ain't scared, I ain't nervous, give it to Juve dog and watch me serve it
You holding on the coke now whats the purpose, (?) gon hook it up too
nigga the scheme is perfect, ya heared me
now why is you acting like it ain't worth it
you gon' make me take it, nigga I gotta make it


Say nigga, heard a nigga picking (?)
Heard a nigga got all kinda shit ever since he hit that lick he
don't want to fuck with a nigga, but look this what we gonna do man
I want you to go get your niggaz and go find that muther fucker do him in
ain't nuthing going on around this muther fucker if I ain't got my hands in it
I put a nigga on his feet and this how he gonna treat a nigga ?
I promise, I put this on my babies dawg, we gon get that motherfucker

[Verse 3: Juvenile]
They talking bout' putting a sting on me cuz they say I've been making too much
Fuck what they talking bout', this how I grew up
But this ain't nuthing new bruh, we been throwing this "U" up
We had some altercations and things but they got blew up
New has and Curly head them niggaz dirty in the TC
Shit that a G like me couldn't even tell you on a CD
So i'ma make all of my enemies never forget me
You looking at one of the realest niggaz from Feret Street