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Artist: Juvenile
Album:  Juve the Great
Song:   Intro
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Bitches is pullin' out they best suits
Gangstas is gettin' dressed too
Don't even underestimate the power of a test tube
It's a fo' sho' shot, some of these niggaz know not
That's why they so hot, always up in them dope spots
I hope my niggaz really feel what I'm sayin'
I'm tryin' to put lil' wodie up on this game
And dick suckers ain't playin'
And duck nigga, look I won't remain
You're stuck even if it don't restrain
I'ma be in the cut
Some of you got it, some of you fuckin' up
Better get your life together 'fore you lose that bruh
You got cocaine you better move that bruh
You got a ring you better lose that bruh
You got a habit, better lose that bruh
Don't even choose that bruh, so move on
I did this album right here for keepin' me and you strong... 

That's right cousin
I did this album right here
for me and my people, ya heard me?
And we got the Lord on our side
So can't nothin' you do or say to me bother me
Cousin, I'ma be here 'til it's all over with
I've been through a lot the past few years
But I ain't holdin' no grudges
It's all about me and my family, U.T.P.       
This is how we eat, cousin