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Artist: K Camp
Album:  One Way (Mixtape)
Song:   My Niggas
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Them niggas ain't with my niggas (no way)
I'm a go to war with my niggas (okay)
If it goes down, I'm a ride witcha (you straight?)
I got love for all my bitches

[Verse 1]
Look, yeen from the north
Me, Bo, jane, cam smoking blunts on the porch
Use to call on my niggas for support
Yeen with the shit now then ya ass fell short
Knowing damn while I suppose to be in court
2 years no L's in a Infinity sport
Smoking big blunts when I'm s'pose to report
Ducking my P.O taking trips to New York
Aye, dem niggas ain't with my niggas
Always gon ride for my niggas
And if a fuck nigga wanna play around
I'm bucking outside with my niggas
Ain't nun outside but my niggas
Northside, ride or die with us
Long as my niggas just stay down
I'm a go get the money witcha


[Verse 2]
They don't live like my nigga
I'll kill like my nigga
Ride or die like my nigga
Homicide like my nigga
I ride for you, you ride for me
You drank the brew I like the weed
If you see ah nigga talking to the police (shit)
Niggas ain't with my niggas
They can't be
My niggas never folding in
My nigga then, my closest kin
Lost both of my close friends
Man, what is you saying
Shit hits the fan
My click ah peel
Feel good to popping bottles
Feels better being real
Aye man, say man
What the business is
We real, y'all fake
Get out the V.I.P
Y'all leeches, y'all snakes
You can tell how I talk, dey ain't with me
They don't shine bright
Look funny and dey pants too damn tight

[Chorus x2]